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Dr. Irina Leimbacher

Assistant Professor
Media Arts Center 105 • M-4000

Irina Leimbacher holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, an M.F.A. from San Francisco State University, and a B.A. from Yale University. Her writing focuses primarily on nonfiction film and media in a global context. She also has worked as a professional film programmer and continues to occasionally curate film programs and to serve on juries of festivals or grant-giving organizations. She writes regularly for the magazine Film Comment and currently is working on a book on testimony in film. Several of her articles can be found on the website.

At Keene State Irina Leimbacher teaches classes on Film History, Documentary Film, First-Person Filmmaking, Film in the 1960s, Slow Cinema, French Cinema, World Cinema, Film Programming, Film,Time and Memory, and other courses. Irina engages students in exploring non-conventional films and international works from all over the globe. As often as possible she incorporates filmmaking projects into her critical studies classes.

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