Special Events

4th Annual Gauntlet Fitness Challenge – Friday, May 2

7 teams of four members participated in the Gauntlet Fitness Challenge.  The team of Jessica Swanson, Kara Pavlidis, Leddy Gallagher & Aimee Donaruma finished with the best time.  A description of all the events is posted below as well as the overall results.

Gauntlet Fitness Challenge Order of Events

The Gauntlet Fitness Challenge Results – 2014


Indoor Triathlon

The Indoor Triathlon was held on Saturday, March 8.  The overall women’s winner was Leddy Gallagher and the overall men’s winner was Mark Rabasco.  Results from the women’s bike, run and swim and men’s bike, run and swim as well as the overall finish are posted.  Congratulations to all of the participants of our 3rd annual Indoor Triathlon!

2014 Triathlon – Women’s Overall

2014 Triathlon – Men’s Overall

2014 Triathlon – Women’s Bike

2014 Triathlon – Men’s Bike

2014 Triathlon – Women’s Run

2014 Triathlon – Men’s Run

2014 Triathlon – Women’s Swim

2014 Triathlon – Men’s Swim


Pumpkin 5K Fun Run/Walk

The 9th Annual Recreational Sports Pumpkin 5K Fun Run/Walk was held on Friday, October 18, a beautiful fall day.  130 participants completed the 5K course.  The first male finisher was Jake Petrillo at 17:26 and the first female finishers were Kaitlin Wheeler and Erin Crawford at 22:40.  Thanks to all of our participants and volunteers for making our event a great success!

Fall 2013 – Pumpkin Fun Run Race Results

To view pictures from this year’s Pumpkin 5K Fun Run/Walk, click on the link:




12 teams of 4 completed in a variety of fitness challenges.



The results of the Spring 2013 i-Try Indoor Triathlon are posted below.
The overall men’s winner was Randall Dunton and the overall women’s winner was Mackenzie Curtis.

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Men’s Overall results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Women’s Overall results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Men’s-Bike results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Men’s-Run results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Men’s-Swim results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Women’s-Bike results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Women’s-Run results

Spring 2013 – Indoor Triathlon Women’s-Swim results


Pumpkin 5K Fun Run/Walk - held on October 26, 2012

Participants had a beautiful fall day to run or walk the 8th Annual Recreational Sports Pumpkin 5K.

The Fall 2012  Pumpkin 5K Fun Run/Walk results are posted below:

Fall 2012 Pumpkin Fun Run Results

Click on the link to see pictures from this year’s Pumpkin Fun Fun.