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Group Fitness Classes

A group fitness abs class
A group fitness abs class

KSC matriculated students are eligible to attend any of the group fitness classes being offered once they have had their ID swiped at the front desk of the Recreation Center. All classes are on a first come, first serve basis except for Cycling, which requires sign ups no earlier than 24 hours in advance of the class time. KSC faculty/staff, spouses/partners and CE students may purchase a membership at the front desk of the Recreation Center to participate in the group fitness program as well. For more information about membership eligibility, please stop by the front desk of the Recreation Center or visit the Membership web page.

The spring semester group fitness class schedule is posted below.

Spring 2017 - Group Fitness Class Schedule

Please note that all classes are appropriate for beginners to advanced participants; low to moderate impact options will be presented by each instructor. We ask that you work out at your own pace and/or level. All classes are 30 to 60 minutes unless otherwise noted and will be held in the Aerobics Studio (3rd Floor) unless otherwise noted. Instructor names have been provided; however they may change if necessary. It is advised that you inform your instructor of any health concerns prior to each class.

Contact Group Fitness
Christine Miles, Body Works Manager,, 603-358-2697

ALL participants must complete a Par-Q Health Questionnaire at the Recreation Center front desk PRIOR to participation. It is advised that you inform your instructor of any health concerns prior to each class. Class size is first come, first served and may be limited** by the instructor for safety reasons. Also, for classes in the Aerobics Studio, please wear shoes that have not been worn outside so that the floor will remain clean and dry for the safety of participants.

*To reserve a bike for Cycling Class call 358-2826 or stop by the front desk of the Recreation Center (1st floor). Indoor cycling participants must reserve a spot within 24 hours of class time. Participants must be on their bike 5 minutes before to the start of class or it will be available for those on the waiting list.

For more information, contact the front desk of the Recreation Center at 358-2826.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Butts, Guts & More: This strength training class will target all major muscle groups utilizing a variety of equipment including TRX, weighted body bars, dumbbells, bands, balls and more. Have fun, boost your metabolism and end with some static stretches.

Cardio Strength Intervals: Challenge your entire body with this high-intensity workout, working every major muscle group using a variety of equipment. Get ready to sweat! Class will include cardio work as well as serious strength challenges!

* Cycling: Get hooked on this non-impact, heart-pumping "ride". Let the music take you on "hills", "jumps" and "sprints" as you boost your metabolism to the next level. Class size is limited to 11. See note above about reserving a bike and arriving early for class.

Cycle and Core: A great combination cardio work on the indoor cycles that will boost your metabolism followed by a series of core exercises designed to strengthen your entire core. Do NOT miss this class! Remember to sign up at the front desk within 24 hours for this class; there’s only room for 11 for the cycling portion.

Easy Flow Yoga: This half hour class will flow through a series of Sun Salutes and spinal warm-ups; suitable for all levels.

Hydrorobics: A low-impact, high-energy workout in the Pool. Class includes work in both shallow and deep ends of the pool and followed by strength work on the deck. Equipment use may include water belts, buoys, and kickboards. This class is great for non-swimmers and swimmers alike!

Weight Room Training: Class meets in the weight room, uses the rec courts for a dynamic warm-up followed by a series of challenging exercises to develop strength. Class will utilize all the weight room equipment as well as medicine balls, battling ropes, sleds and more!

Yoga: This Eastern art encourages balance, strength and flexibility by connecting breath to movement. Consistent participation promotes relaxation and overall well-being. Classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced. Mats are provided or bring your own.

Yoga "Tricks": a playful and experimental place to try new Yoga poses. We will work on balancing on our hands, heads, forearms and more. Challenge yourself with poses that turn you upside down, working on persistence and strength. Come explore your potential and see how you grow week to week!

Zumba: Fuse Latin rhythms and basic hip hop styles into one class! This easy to follow class uses energetic dance moves to work the whole body. Have fun and get a great workout through dance!

Contact Rec Sports

Lynne Andrews
Director of Recreational Sports

Front Desk: 603.358.2826