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Office of Sponsored Projects & Research

Putnam Science Center

Finding Funding

Who might be interested in funding my research/creative project?

This is often the first question faculty pose as they begin the grant writing process. OSPR is here to help you answer this question using a variety of online tools.

SPIN Searchable Database This database of funding opportunities (maintained by Infoed International) offers the following functionality:
  • Search by simple keywords.
  • Advanced searches limited by criteria of importance to you (sponsor type, citizenship requirements, etc.).
  • Faculty are welcome to explore the database on their own—it should be available from any Keene State College computer by clicking on the link to the left.
  • OSPR will provide individual training for new users of the database, if desired. Please contact Susan Ericson-West to schedule an appointment.
SMARTS Automated Alerts Once KSC faculty develop a set of search criteria within SPIN that works well for them, they may register to receive automated email alerts from Infoed's SMARTS system as it periodically searches for matches. SMARTS requires a user log-in to set up your alert preferences. Please contact Susan Ericson-West to establish your log-in information and to schedule an individual training session, if desired.
Request a Custom Search OSPR is happy to conduct customized funding searches for you. Please contact Susan Ericson-West with a brief description of your funding needs to request assistance.
Foundation Center Directory OSPR maintains a subscription to the Foundation Center Directory. The system restricts the number of users that can be simultaneously logged-in, so please contact Susan Ericson-West for assistance with a search of this system.
OSPR Funding Opportunity Summaries

OSPR maintains a list of the funding opportunities likely to be of most interest to our faculty, organized by the following disciplines/categories:

Although each of these tools provides basic summary information (deadlines etc), you are encouraged to follow-up on any leads by visiting the sponsor's website directly. Databases, while helpful, may not always have the latest updates from every sponsor. More about Finding Funding

Preparing your proposal

OSPR is here to provide consultation and technical assistance as you prepare your proposal. We strive to provide individualized assistance—which means the manner in which we assist you throughout the process will depend upon your unique needs and prior grant-writing experience. The single most important thing you can do to make this a successful collaboration is to meet with OSPR early in the process so that we may determine an appropriate plan for assisting you. In this section you will find common ways in which OSPR assists in the process—please discuss these or any other needs you might have with us. More about Preparing your proposal

Routing your proposal

When submitting a proposal to an external sponsor it is important to note that awards are almost always made to the institution rather than to the individual faculty member. KSC acts as the fiscal agent and is responsible for making certain the terms of the award are fulfilled. Therefore, all proposals must undergo an institutional approval process in which the proposal is routed for sign-off by the following individuals prior to submission:

  • Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Co-Investigators (Keene State College faculty who will also be devoting time/effort to the project)
  • Department Chair(s) of the PI and Co-Investigators
  • Dean(s) of the PI and Co-Investigators
  • Director of OSPR
  • Vice President (Typically the Provost for faculty-led proposal).

OSPR will assist in the routing process by preparing a proposal folder containing all necessary materials and by shepherding the folder around campus for signature. The following items should be provided to OSPR one week in advance to begin the process:

  • Proposal Routing Form(OSPR will assist you in completing this)
  • KSC Internal Budget Sheet (OSPR will assist you in completing this)
  • Documentation of any cost-share/matching fund commitments (e.g., email from units on campus committing funds)
  • Proposal documents as required by the sponsor
Although it is possible to begin the routing process with a near-complete draft of the proposal narrative, the budget should be in final form before routing it for signatures.

Submitting your proposal

Before an application for a grant to a government agency, foundation, corporation, or other entity can be submitted, it must be routed for approval and submitted to the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research (OSPR).

Applicants are encouraged to begin the approval process well in advance of the proposal deadline. The College reserves the right to withdraw applications that have not received institutional endorsements prior to submission. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact OSPR (Penny Miceli 8-2427, Janet Albarado 8-2780, or Susie Ericson-West 8-2046).

Sponsor guidelines will usually dictate the how your proposal is to be submitted.

For paper (hardcopy) submissions, OSPR is happy to submit your application to the sponsor on your behalf, covering any associated shipping costs.

Many sponsors now have electronic submission systems. OSPR is happy to interact with these submission systems for you, uploading your required information and documents. Some submission systems allow only the Authorize Organizational Representative (AOR) to submit proposals, and require an institutional registration in advance. For most of these systems, OSPR is already registered. Contact OSPR if you have questions.

NH-INBRE at Keene State

The New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biological Research Excellence (NH-INBRE) is a state-wide initiative. More about NH-INBRE at Keene State

COBRE at Keene State

Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) support centers that help expand and develop institutional biomedical research capacity by enhancing research infrastructure. More about COBRE at Keene State

NH EPSCoR at Keene State

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research More about NH EPSCoR at Keene State

Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research

Office of Sponsored Projects and Research
Penny Miceli
Director of Sponsored Projects and Research