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A Straightforward Guide to Using Your KSC Telephone

For emergencies, always call 911.
  1. Voice Mail or Phone Problems?
  2. Making Calls
    1. Make a Call on Campus
    2. Reach the Keene State College Operator
    3. Make a Local Call
    4. Reach a Long Distance Operator
    5. Make a Long Distance Call
    6. Receive a Long Distance Authorization Code
    7. Campus Directory Assistance
  3. Using your Voice Mailbox
    1. Log into your voice mailbox
    2. Change Your Password
    3. Change Your Greeting
    4. Leave a Message in a Voice Mailbox (Express Messaging).
    5. Listen to a Message
    6. Delete a Message
    7. Get Voice Mail Help
    8. Other Commands

Voice Mail or Phone Problems?

Faculty or staff with voice mail or phone troubles should call call 358-2532. For billing questions and other information, check with your budget manager or call the Helpdesk at 603-358-2532

Making Calls

Make a Call on Campus

Press the five-digit extension number or dial 8-8000 and follow provided instructions. You do not need the “358” exchange.

Reach the Keene State College Operator

Press 0.

Make a Local Call

Press 5 and the seven-digit number.

Reach a Long Distance Operator

Press 500.

Make a Long Distance Call

You need a long distance authorization code.

  1. Press 51, the area code, and the seven-digit number.
  2. Wait for the tone
  3. Enter your long distance authorization code. (Note: When calling within New Hampshire, do not dial the initial 1 or the area code, just 5 and the seven-digit phone number).

To call collect, press 50, then the number you are calling (no need to dial the area code for New Hampshire calls). Then follow the directions provided over the phone.

Receive a Long Distance Authorization Code

Faculty and staff will receive this information from their direct supervisor or administrative assistant.

To make an international call:

  1. Press 5-011, the country code, the city code, and the phone number.
  2. Wait for the tone
  3. Dial your code.

To call collect, press 50, the country code, and the number you are calling. Then follow the directions you receive over the phone.

Campus Directory Assistance

To reach faculty, staff, and administrative offices on campus when you don’t know the number, dial 8-8000 from on campus or 358-8000 from off campus and follow instructions provided by the voice-operated system. Or you may dial 358-7000 (just 8-7000 on campus) for keypad directory dialing.

Using your Voice Mailbox

Log into your voice mailbox

  1. Press 8-7777 (or 358-7777 from off campus) or the “message” button (if you have one)
  2. Press your extension (voice mailbox) number
  3. Press the # key, your password number, and the # key

If you have not set your own new password yet, your password is the same as your extension number. You will then be instructed to change your password.

Change Your Password

Log into mailbox, press 84 and follow directions.

Change Your Greeting

  1. Log into mailbox
  2. Press 82
  3. Press 1 for your external greeting (for off-campus callers), and follow directions.
  • If you are replacing an old greeting, be sure to delete it first, by pressing 76. The external greeting will act as your internal greeting (for on-campus callers), unless you wish to record a different one.
  • If you wish to record an internal greeting, Log in, press 82, press 2, and follow directions.
  • For a Temporary greeting, press 82, press 3, and follow directions. A temporary greeting overrides other greetings and is used when you are away for an extended period. It does not erase your external greeting.
  • To remove a Temporary greeting, log in, press 82, press 3 and press 76 to delete. To record your personal verification, log in, press 82, press 9 and 76 to delete and follow the instructions.

Leave a Message in a Voice Mailbox (Express Messaging).

Adjunct faculty generally only have a voice mailbox (usually a 4-digit number starting with “4”), i.e. they have no physical phone that is assigned to them. To send them a message press 8-8888 (or 358-8888 off campus) and follow directions. You may also dial the Voice Recognition system at 8-8000 and the system will start the Express Messaging for you.

Listen to a Message

Press 2 to listen to a message. You may press 6 to go to the next message or press 4 to go to a previous message.

Delete a Message

After listening to (or during) a message, press 76. If you change your mind before you hang up, you can restore the message by pressing 76 again. After five days, all voice mail messages you’ve listened to are automatically deleted.

Get Voice Mail Help

  1. While logged in, press 8  for mailbox help, 7  for message help.
  2. To log off voice mail, press 83.

Other Commands

* for Help
# to Stop/Pause
1 to Skip Backward
2 to Play
3 to Skip Forward
4 for Previous Message
6 for Next Message

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