The SW Center began in 2002.  After being affiliated with the Keene School District for 7 years, it merged with Keene State College's Division of Professional and Graduate Studies.


Susan Hodgdon, Director, (susan.hodgdon@keene.edu, 603-358-2750) 

Heather Jasmin, Program Coordinator (hjasmin@keene.edu, 603-358-2942)

Susan Hodgdon joined Keene State College's Division of Professional and Graduate Studies as the Director of the Southwestern New Hampshire Educational Support Center in the Fall 2013. The Southwest Center, which began operation in 2002, is focused on providing professional development by bringing advanced training and programs to educators at all levels throughout the area.


Judy Brophy is a former academic technologist with the Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching at Keene State College. She has thirty years of experience developing and offering training for industry and education.  Her specialties are Google tools and Web 2.0 tools for teaching applications like Jing and Voicethreads. She has taught Digital Storytelling and Communicating Using Your Computer for the Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning. She is enthusiastic about using technology to engage learners and improve learning. 

Saundra Kent brings classroom teaching experience along with 10 years of consulting work addressing reading and writing in the content areas, differentiated instruction, project-based learning, and science content. Sandy has a BS in Chemistry and an MST in Biology. She has taught science at the middle and high school levels, has participated on statewide committees to promote science education, and has won many awards for her work; including: NH Secondary Science Teacher of the Year (1994) and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (1993). As an educational leader and consultant with the CEIL Project, Sandy has led the effort to provide middle school teachers with professional development in science content through the "32 Science Workshops" series. Sandy is also an adjunct at Plymouth State University and Springfield College. She lives in the woods in Deering, NH. 

Michael Nieckoski has been working with technology in academic settings for 23 years in various capacities, including holding technology director positions at two colleges. His experience includes audio-visual, computing, multimedia and web design. Nieckoski earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Temple University, and a Master of Arts degree in Education from George Washington University, majoring in Educational Technology Leadership. In the 1990’s Michael did software development and freelance web design, and taught web design classes at the Graduate Center of Marlboro College. He has been involved with all teaching- and learning-related technology activities including learning management systems, computer labs, educational websites, classroom technology, training for technology use and integration of technology into the curriculum. Michael has taught workshops, provided teacher-training for technology and taught graduate-level courses in the classroom and online. Most recently at the Southwest New Hampshire Educational Support Center, Michael has been focusing on teaching about iPads and Google Apps, and is in the process of becoming a Google Certified Trainer. 

Kristen Warner is a Technology Integration Specialist at Chesterfield School in Chesterfield, NH. She taught grades K-3 for 15 years and has been a Technology Integrator for the last 11 years. She received her Master’s degree from Lesley University in Technology in Education. Kristen has worked for Intel as a Master Teacher for the Teach to the Future program and a Senior Trainer for Intel’s Causal Mapping Program. She works with teachers at all grade levels to help them integrate technology into all curricular areas. In addition, she created and maintains the school website and supports students' in the development of the school yearbook, which is done digitally. 

Become a Trainer! Do you have a special skill you love to share with other educators? Do you enjoy working with the adult learner?  We are always looking for good local trainers!  Technology, RtI, Differentiated Instruction, Assistive Technology and core content classes are all areas in demand.