Residential Living

Residential life for the Summer Momentum program is coordinated with the common course (IH-COMM 199) in order to facilitate a co-curricular experience. Each individual room shares a common space and kitchenette with the other students in one’s cohort. In addition to shared course work, cohorts encourage shared dining and social activities. Identification with the college experience, through social activities, the common course curriculum and individual career exploration is the primary goal of this program. The residential component of Summer Momentum is designed to achieve just that objective.

Social Activities:Evening events will occur on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and will include the Dinner and Discussions and Film nights (as discussed above). Student Mentors, who have been selected based upon their outstanding leadership skills and knowledge of the common course material, will coordinate and lead these events. Social events will include local hiking expeditions, barbeques in the student quad area, various sporting events utilizing the gym facilities on campus, among others.Student Mentors.SM’s will not simply be monitors; they are integrated into the course curriculum as student Teaching Assistants in the classroom. With this being the case, they are also expected to provide mentoring and tutoring for students in their residence throughout the eight-week session. As a Student Teaching Assistant for the common course, SM’s will also bring with them a strong academic background and conceptual understanding of the course work (IH-COMM199). Academic excellence in the course material is a pre-requisite for becoming a SM. They provide assistance in-class to the professor for specific activities, as well as will direct review sessions for the quizzes and essay work required for the course. This familiarity and teaching knowledge of the subject provide strong support for the program’s study-hall sessions, as well as preparation for major assignments.