6th-8th grades

Advanced Magic

No previous magic instruction is required in this hands-on magical learning experience. Participants learn easy-to-master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects found around the house (cards, coins, etc.). In this “advanced” class for children well into their double-digit ages, additional time is spent on more skillful sleight of hand techniques. Sequential learning skills, stage presence, presentation skills, and the importance of practice are emphasized. There is also discussion of history and styles of magic. As a group, the class determines the direction the class goes with respect to “applications” for their new skills (such as entertaining, teaching, sales, sharing, science, psychology, communication, etc.). Instructor: BJ Hickman. Mornings, July 29–August 2.


Join in the hunt for clues to solve a mystery. Learn about forensic techniques and practice reasoning skills. Be prepared to role-play a detective, a witness, or a perpetrator. Join in the fun as we narrow down our list of suspects. Instructor: Susan Wiles. Afternoons, July 29– August 2.

Design and Build for Sustainability

Did you ever wonder what an engineer does? What does it mean to manufacture something?
Believe it or not, it really comes down to two words: Design and Build. Students will use 3-dimensional computer modeling software to make designs and computer controlled (CNC) and rapid prototype (3D-printing) machines to help build their products. Every student will make at least three complete projects of their own design that they will be able to take home. For the first time ever, Kids on Campus students in this class will be working in the brand new Ideation and SPDI labs housed in the new TDS Building. Instructor: Chris Gray. Afternoons, July 22–26.

Food Travels

This class is a culinary tour of France, Italy, Mexico, China and Spain. Each day the special dishes of a different country will be prepared and eaten. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, August 5–9.

GPS, Geocaching, and Google Maps (sorry, this class is now FULL)

Adventure out into the wilds of Keene (within walking distance of KSC) using GPS hand- helds to zero in on geocaches. Retrieve the hidden treasure, then put together your own geocache, locate it on Google Earth, and hide it for others to find. This week of discovery teaches you about handheld GPS units and com- bines them with Google Earth, mapping data via GPS, field electronic data collection, and geo- caching. Instructor: Patrick Dorcus. Mornings. July 15–19.

Junior Chefs II - sorry, this class is now FULL

This is a more advanced cooking class for students with prior cooking experience. Campers will plan the meals to be cooked, organize the food budget and grocery list and complete the shopping at the farmer’s market. We will spend more time learning about nutrition and the impacts a local food diet has on our health (and that of the environment). The week will culminate in a “Top Chef” mini competition. Instructor: Kristen Reilly. Mornings, July 15–19.

Lego Adventures II Goes Green - sorry, both classes now FULL

Learn engineering, physics, science, and math while you have fun building and customizing motorized machines. Move beyond simple machines to those powered by renewable energy sources, and learn about energy transfer, storage, and conversion. Work with another student to learn teamwork and deep thinking as you test your machines against those of other teams. Instructor: Dan Heath. Mornings, July 15-19
or Instructor: Patrick Dorcus. Afternoons, July 15-19.

Let’s Google!

Explore free Google toolkits for developing architecture designs, traveling all over the world, designing surveys, and collaborating with others. Google toolkits help you make learning more fun, creative and dynamic. Students are expected to have a certain level of computer skills (typing, skillful use of mouse, managing documents, etc.). Instructor: Yi Gong. Afternoons, August 5–9.

Music for Growing Voices

Join us for this fun, multi-dimensional program. Through the use of the voice, basic music theory, and listening, students will explore how we hear and produce sound, where music came from, how and why we like certain types of music, and create our own music ready for performance."

Dr. Gary Keating is Director of the Choral/Vocal Magnet at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School in Miami, FL. Dr. Keating's students are studying and working in all aspects of music including performance, music theory and composition, music therapy, music business, music education, and entertainment law. He has recently had students who have appeared on X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol.  Instructor: Dr. Gary Keating.  Afternoons, July 29 - August 2.

People Puzzles (girls only)

Growing up is tough...this class will involve small group discussion, “read-alouds,” work- sheets, role plays, simple crafts and videos that help us answer some very important questions: How to get along with others, sort through difficult feelings, and build self-confidence. Instructor: Mandi Slate. Afternoons, August 5-9.

Radical Robotics - Mornings of July 22 - 26 only

Robots are everywhere! They vacuum our floors; they assemble our automobiles; they perform surgery and in some places, they are even being used to cook our food. Radical Robotics will allow students to experiment with the three elements of a robot, the microprocessor, the communication system, and the mechanical system as they design and build original robots using “state of the art” equipment. We will be working from national robotics curriculums: VEX Robotics and Lego Tetrix and Mindstorm. Participants in this class will learn first-hand what it’s like to be on a competitive robotics team. At the conclusion of the week, student teams will compete as alliances and competitors on an “official” FIRST FTC and VEX Robotics Challenge playing field. Instructor: Chris Gray. Afternoons, July 15–19, or Mornings, July 22–26.

Splash Into Science - Sorry, this class is now FULL

Kids love to get wet in the hot summer, and there is no better way to learn how to be a stream scientist than to jump in and make a big splash In this program, kids will be stream scientists, and research streams and the plant and animals that live there. Together, we will explore the Ashuelot River as it flows through Keene, NH. Be careful, you might get wet... and hooked on science at the same time! Students should bring shoes for walking in the water, clothes that can get wet, and a dry set of clothing.

Dr. Stephen Hale earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Louisiana State University and the University of New Hampshire (2001), respectively. His research included the anatomy, physiology, and evolution of birds, and predictive modeling of bird habitat using satellite imagery and GIS. More recently, Steve has led work to attract young students into careers utilizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and offer professional development opportunities for teachers to utilize inquiry-rich pedagogy.

Ashley Hyde is a first year graduate student at Plymouth State University. She earned her BS at the Univerisity of New Hampshire. Her M.S. will be in Environmental Science and Policy. Her research is focused on using specific electrical conductance to compare rainfall runoff in NH urban and rural catchments. This research is based on the data collected by the LoVoTECS aquatic sensor network. This is a citizen science network with 100 sites throughout the state of NH.

The Wonder that is India

India is one of few countries that has had a long and an unbroken history from about 3000 BCE to today. Present-day India has been fashioned by that history and the fact that it was ruled by a long line of myriad dynasties from all over the world. Learn about India’s many facets through language, art, music, dance, mythology and food. This will be a class of interactive learning and will end with a choice of interesting projects. Instructor: Premi Shankavaram. Afternoons, July 15–19.