1st and 2nd grades

American Girl Adventure

It’s great to be an American Girl, and it is even more fun when we can share our love of dolls with each other! Many American Girl Dolls come from certain time periods and give us great history and cultural lessons. During the week we will study five (one per day) of the American Girl historical dolls. We will learn about the time they were growing up, explore what their typical day would be like, and make a craft from that time period. Students are welcome to bring their own dolls to share in our learning and fun! Instructor: Mandi Slate. Afternoons, July 29–August 2.

Animal Survival

Did you ever wonder how animals survive in the wild when there are so many predators out there? Snails, lizards, insects, mice, and other animals that seem to be so vulnerable have amazing strategies for survival. Learn about how animals protect themselves from predators through games, art projects, and live animal observations. Instructor: Jenna Spear-O’Mara. Mornings, July 15–19.

Blast Off to Space

Do you love to do crafts? Do the planets and space fascinate you? Join us to learn about the planets and create one from papier-mâché. Build simple rockets and launch them. Make a galaxy. Learn about meteors and comets. Come have a blast! Please wear old clothes or bring a smock. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, August 5–9.

Bubble Festival

Experiment with bubble solutions, bubble frames, and structures of shapes you create with bubbles. Sharpen prediction and inquiry skills while developing new ways of making bubbles. Merge math and science through bubble measurement, experimentation, data collection, and analysis while making literature, language arts, and art activities part of the fun and magic of bubbles. Instructor: Linda Balk. Mornings, July 29– August 2.


Why are dinosaurs extinct? What did dinosaurs really look like? Do you know the different characteristics of plant eaters and meat eaters? Do you enjoy creating things? Learn all about dinosaurs, make a papier-mâché dinosaur, create your own dinosaur, and make your own fossils. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, August 5–9.

European Adventure

Do you want to learn about Italy? What are some of their traditions? Famous foods? How is their “everyday” life? How about Spain? France or Germany? Get your passport and be ready to have fun learning! We’ll make crafts, some easy food, and a “scrapbook” of what we learn! We will also have our own “passport” in the end. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, July 29– August 2.

First, Next, Then...

Have you ever tried to write down the exact directions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or chocolate chip cookies? We will go on an adventure where each day we will write down directions for something that we know a lot about (cookies, sandwiches, popcorn, painting a picture). Then we will take turns following the exact directions to see if they were specific enough or if, in the end, we are still holding a spoon, because they never said to put it down! Instructor: Lori Stevens. Mornings, July 15–19.

Fun with the Five Food Groups!

Explore the food groups in a fun new way. We will go on local adventures to explore and under- stand food. Every day we will discuss and learn about a new food group, move our body in either dance or games, and learn where our food comes from. We will create our own healthy plates. Possible adventures include trips to the farmers’ market and a local food store for fun scavenger hunts and behind-the-scenes tours. Instructor: Michelle Tiani. Mornings, July 22–26.

Knights of the Round Table

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to live in a castle? Let’s travel back in time to medieval days of court jesters, knights and castles. We will explore how and why castles were built before we embark on making our own small-scale castles. Don’t forget the jobs of the people in the castle too! We will discover how people were entertained in medieval times, games children played, and how people lived through literature, games, and videos. Instructor: Linda Balk. Mornings, August 5–9.

Laid-Back Literature

Take a break from school and enjoy reading fun stories and creating art to go with it. Let’s read and be hands-on at the same time! We will make many projects to talk about the stories we read. Students will learn techniques to illustrate their images using a variety of materials. Let’s paint, draw, collage, CREATE! Instructor: Jeanette Leclair. Afternoons, July 15–19.

Lego Engineering (grades 2 – 4) - afternoon of July 22 - 26 only

Have fun building with Legos while learning basic engineering skills, including reading diagrams, designing, teamwork, testing, and measuring results. You build and motorize simple machines and create vehicles using steering, gears, axles, and more. Instructor: Katie Harmon. Afternoons, July 15–19 (now closed) or July 22–26, or Lori Stevens. Mornings and Afternoons, July 22–26.

Liquid Explorations

In this series of fun and fluid activities, you’ll explore the properties of liquids. We’ll play a classification game, observe how food coloring moves through different liquids, and create secret salad dressing recipes and an Ocean in a Bottle. Activities incorporate discussions of environmental issues such as oil slicks and pollution. Instructor: Linda Balk. Afternoons, August 5–9.

Perfectly Promising Puppeteers

We will create puppets using a variety of art materials while you learn how puppeteers bring puppets to life using scenery and a script. We will explore a different literary genre each day through “read alouds” and connect each to a game. The week ends with a perfectly pleasing performance. Note to repeat students: This class is different every year, with new books and performances. Instructor: Nancy Greene. Afternoons, July 22–26.

Schoolyard Ecology

Join us as we nurture curiosity about the pat- terns and interactions in nature, beginning with the immediate environment—the schoolyard. Students learn biological sampling techniques; mapping and related mathematical skills are developed. In addition to temporarily collecting samples in “shake boxes,” special investigations focus on ants and spiders. Students discover that a bush may be home to a community
of interacting plants and animals. Literature extensions, arts and crafts, and environmental writing round out the week of hands-on activities. Instructor: Linda Balk. Afternoons, July 29–August 2.