3rd-5th grades

A Poet and Didn’t Know It

Do you like fantasy, fables, folklore and more? Do you like to create with a variety of craft materials? We will be designing, developing, and drafting all week long. In the end you will have your own handmade poetry journal to bring home. Instructor: Nancy Greene. Afternoons, July 22–26.

American Girls Travel Back in Time

Who’s your favorite? Felicity, Kit, Julie? For years the American Girls Series have given young girls a chance to experience the past through the adventures of courageous young girls of various time periods. Join us as we celebrate your favorite American Girls and step into their shoes. Each day we will explore the life and times of one of the girls. We will take a step back in time and see what a day in their life was like and create a craft from that time period. Instructor: Mandi Slate. Grades 3 – 5. Mornings, July 29 - August 2.

Chemical Reactions - sorry, this class is now FULL. 

In this introductory chemistry class, even an ordinary Ziploc bag becomes a laboratory. Stu- dents learn about experimentation, observation, and inference as they mix chemicals and watch them bubble, change color, get hot, and produce gas or odor. Instructor: Barbara Depew. Afternoons, July 22-26.

Crankies and More

A crankie is a visual storytelling device in the form of a moving paper scroll. Collaborating in a group, participants will make their own crankie to illustrate a local story, an oral history, a song they write, or an old folktale or song. The whole class will also help to construct a small, shared crankie “stage” for sharing their crankies at the end of the class. Instructor: Purly Gates. Afternoons, August 5-9.

Electrical Currents - sorry, this class is now FULL.

Invent your own electrical gadgets using inexpensive and readily available materials, such as plastic film canisters and holiday lights. Learn about simple, series, and short circuits, and investigate batteries, resistance, conductors, and insulators. Use engineering skills such as schematic diagrams and scientific record-keeping to improve your inventions. Instructor: Barbara Depew. Mornings, July 22–26.

Ever Enchanting Mythology

Do ancient histories and stories interest you? Would you like to learn more about life in Ancient Greece and the myths that were told? Join us for a week of mythological stories and crafts. Students will participate in Greek theatre to bring the stories to life, as well as craft projects to display what they’ve learned. Come travel back to ancient times! Instructor: Jeanette Leclair. Mornings, August 5–9.

Express Yourself! Poetry Workshop

Do you enjoy expressing yourself through poetry? We will learn and practice many types of poetry, including haikus, couplets, blank verse, limericks, “I am” poems, and sonnets. We will then publish your poems and have a poetry reading where you can share your poems with everyone! Instructor: Lori Stevens. Afternoons, July 15–19.

Forces of Nature

Why do volcanoes erupt? What is a hot spot? Where are there active volcanoes? Do you know what causes a tsunami? What is a hurricane, a tornado, or an earthquake? Learn about the forces of nature and emergency preparedness, conduct hands-on experiments, and make your own erupting volcano. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 29–August 2.

Junior Chefs - sorry, this class is now FULL

Calling all chefs: Let’s get cooking! Summer is the perfect time to create edible masterpieces
from local bounty. Spend the week learning about local foods from nearby gardens and the farmers’ market. Cook up simple delights with the freshest foods. Teach what you learn to your family at home. Instructor: Kristen Reilly. Mornings, July 29–August 2.

Lego Adventures II Goes Green (grades 4 to 8) - sorry, all classes now FULL

Learn engineering, physics, science, and math while you have fun building and customizing motorized machines. Move beyond simple machines to those powered by renewable energy sources, and learn about energy transfer, storage, and conversion. Work with another student to learn teamwork and deep thinking as you test your machines against those of other teams. Instructor: Dan Heath. Mornings, July 15-19
or Instructor: Patrick Dorcus. Afternoons, July 15-19.

Letterboxing Treasure Hunts

Letterboxing is an exciting and modern twist on treasure hunting. The waterproof containers are hidden all over the world and contain a small logbook for treasure hunters to “sign” when they locate the letterbox using creative, and cryptic riddles, puzzles, or clues. Join us and work together with peers to discover hidden letterboxes around Keene, develop your letterboxing stamp, create thought-provoking clues, learn basic navigation skills, and become a treasure hunter! Instructor: EJ Albin. Afternoons, July 15–19.

Magic for Beginners - sorry, this class is now FULL

Participants learn easy-to-master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects found around the house (cards, coins, etc.). Sequential learning skills, stage presence, presentation skills, and the importance of practice are emphasized. There is also some discussion about the history of magic, magicians and the styles of magic. Each day begins with a short audience participation magic show. Class members use their new skills in a “Magic Show” on the last day. Instructor: BJ Hickman. Afternoons, July 29– August 2.


Did you realize that math and art have a lot in common? Join this class to explore how tessellations, origami, geometry, ratio and proportion – just to name a few of the topics we explore
– all fit together to make beautiful pictures. Instructor: Susan Wiles. Afternoons, August 5–9.

Three, two, one....BLASTOFF! - sorry, this class is now FULL

This camp offers kids the opportunity to help construct a model rocket, make predictions about its flight pattern, and even launch it at the end of the week! We’ll learn about rockets, try out different propellants, experiment with what makes a launch successful, and encourage kids to develop their skills as team members and leaders. Instructor: E.J. Albin. Mornings, July 15–19.

Thrilling Roller Coasters

Do you love roller coasters? Design the ultimate ride while learning valuable engineering concepts such as potential and kinetic energy, friction, velocity, and acceleration. Students build a variety of roller coasters using marbles, pipe insulation, Styrofoam, and other materials. Instructor: Deb Young. Mornings, July 29– August 2.

What’s on the Menu? - Sorry, CLOSED

Do you love all types of writing? Do you enjoy a challenge? If so, join us on an exciting adventure that you create! Each day you will choose from a menu of different types of writing categorized by appetizers, entrees and desserts. By the end of the week you will have two appetizers, an entrée and two desserts to share with the class. Instructor: Lori Stevens. Afternoons, July 22–26.

Dynamic Web Page Design

Explore different platforms to build a personal web page, including Microsoft Office Share- Point Designer and free, open-source web tools. Find out how dynamic web features such as hit counters, animated flash, online calendars, guest books, and embedded audio/video clips can add interest to your web page. Instructor: Yi Gong. Mornings, July 30–August 3.

Yoga Fun

Join a fun-filled week of yoga using music, literature, and cool crafts! Your body will come alive with yoga moves and your mind will be stretched with marble meditation. We will create your very own peace garden to practice your yoga at home. Instructor: Shelley Pangonis. Afternoons, July 29–August 2.