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Evolution of the Earth (GEOL-252)

Introduction to Earth history and the processes that have shaped the Earth since its formation. Topics include absolute and relative correlations, plate tectonics, and the origin and evolution of the lithosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. Three-hour lecture, two-hour lab. Required weekend field trip(s). Prerequisite: INGEOL 151. Spring.

Section: GEOL-252-01C
Credits: 4
Faculty: Steven D Bill
Days: TR
Time: 10:00AM‑11:45AM (TR), 2:00PM‑3:45PM (T)
Location: SCIC-251
Secondary Location: SCIC-251
Start/End Date: Jan. 21, 2014 - May 9, 2014
Instructional Method: Incorporates Lec & Lab/Studio Laboratory