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Barely Tolerating Yourself (INBIO-300)

The ability to protect oneself against a constant threat of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria or rogue cancerous cells depends on the body's ability to determine friend from foe. This course will explore fundamental biological concepts from the molecular to environmental level in the context of the vertebrate adaptive immune system. Topics covered include innate and adaptive immunity, vaccinations, allergies, organ transplants and pregnancy, plagues, antibiotic resistance, cancer, among others. Some emphasis will be placed on the ethical considerations stemming from societal issues related to immunology. You will be expected to integrate the basic principles covered in this course with your opinions on these issues.

Section: INBIO-300-01C
Credits: 4
Faculty: Scott J Strong
Days: MTWR
Time: 8:00AM‑9:55AM
Location: SCIC-302
Start/End Date: May 19, 2014 - June 27, 2014
Instructional Method: Lecture-based Learning