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Essentials of Nutrition Science (INHLSC-175)

An introduction to basic nutrition science concepts including nutrition guidelines, micro and macronutrients, anatomy and physiology of digestion and absorption of nutrients, energy balance, and health and wellness. The course will integrate course content, technology and quantitative reasoning using hands-on investigative activities to interpret and evaluate nutritional needs. Fall, Spring.

Section: INHLSC-175-03C
Credits: 4
Faculty: Lynn M Arnold
Days: TR
Time: 2:00PM‑3:45PM
Location: JOSL-306
Start/End Date: Aug. 25, 2014 - Dec. 12, 2014
Instructional Method: Incorporates Lec & Lab/Studio
Comments: Course is restricted to declared Health Science and Nursing & students from October 20th until October 30th. Please check for & available seats after October 30th.