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Men and Masculinities (IIWGS-199)

This course is an interdisciplinary examination of males' diverse experiences as "boys" and "men" and the public discourses about masculinities. A central goal of this course is to examine how gendered social norms influence men's actions and the way men perceive themselves, other men, women and social institutions. This course recognizes men's movements that support social justice and social change. It addresses current scholarship about topics such as men and feelings, male body image, male friendship, male sexuality, male fertility, men's experiences as fathers, men's aggression and violence, men's involvement in antiviolence movements, men and age, and men as survivors of violence, among others.

Section: IIWGS-199-02C
Credits: 4
Faculty: Patricia Pedroza
Days: M
Time: 4:00PM‑7:30PM
Location: MORR-109
Start/End Date: Aug. 25, 2014 - Dec. 12, 2014
Instructional Method: Lecture-based Learning