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Parking For Visitors

Visitor Permits

All guests visiting campus from midnight Sunday through 4:00 p.m. Friday must obtain a visitor permit available from Campus Safety.

A one-day, daytime visitor permit (valid until midnight of that day) is available, and will allow the guest to park in the Visitor's Lot (located next to Keddy House) the Winchester lot, or in another location designated by the Department of Campus Safety.

An overnight visitor's permit, which will allow parking in the Winchester Lot, is also available for up to 2 consecutive nights. Visitors are limited to one visitor permit within a 5-day period. Check with the Parking Office for special KSC parent guest permits.

All visitors must show picture ID to obtain a temporary permit.

Additionally, any and all parking fees and fines incurred by a visitor will be the responsibility of the host.

Designated visitor lots may change during the summer sessions, please contact the Parking Office at 358-2227 for the most accurate information.


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