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pic Rachel Steier White '00 and Neal White
pic Erin Larochelle '03 & Brian Parda '01
pic Sara Edwards '04 and Zach Dea
pic Amy Foss '00 and Roland Brassard '98
pic Heather Allen '99 and Jonathan O'Neil
pic Chris Pangalos '86 and Natalie Beaver Wedding
pic Yulia Shurygina '05 & Brian Durocher
pic Andy Jennings '01 and Cate Benner '01 Wedding
pic Kathryn Shurtleff '03 & Steven Bolduc '00
pic Cindy Knight '87 and Brian Maser
pic Jennifer Moran '98 & Jaysen LeSage
pic Lauren Betts '03 & Paul Pruneau Wedding
pic Linda Lachowicz '98 and Jamie O'Rourke '98 Wedding
pic Bernard Hrubala '97 and Jaime Pucci Wedding
pic Jessica Diegoli '01 and Shaun Carvalho '02
pic Jared Baker '96 and Katryna Neira wedding
pic Holly Norton '03 and Jon Haggerty
pic Christina Baines '98 & Michael Miller '99 Wedding
pic Melissa Camire '99 and Amy Castonguay '98
pic Patricia Pape '03 and Jeffery Wollner '03
pic Deb Clougher '98 and Patrick Burleigh
pic Melissa Ciras '02 & Kevin Slozak '01
pic Michelle Gibeault '96 & Carl Traub Wedding
pic Kevin Newhall '99 & Caryn Dupuis
pic Angela Fernandez '99 and Jay Markley
pic Megan Gorman '99 & Scott Prince '99
pic Crystal Alosa '98 & Daniel Reynolds
pic Roger Wilkins '94 & Dannielle Davies
pic Meredith Kurland '02 and Douglas Morse '02 Wedding
pic Dusty Ladieu '95 and Stacey Piro '95
pic Rahn Aquizap '91 Wedding
pic Kim Maslowski '92 and Wade Hanson Wedding
pic Jolene Newell '96 and David Price wedding
pic Robert Wollner '96 & Jodi Matteucci wedding
pic Kristen and Mike Olson '98
Kristen and Mike Olson '98


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