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2014 Earth Week Events!

Sustainability is being infused into every aspect of the Keene State College community, from the recycling bin outside of the President's office to the cleaners being used by the housekeeping staff. Every day of the week, materials are collected for recycling, vehicles are powered by alternative fuels, and automated controls turn the lights off when the sun shines in the windows of the new Zorn Dining Commons.

As a community of more than 6,000 people, Keene State College has a big impact on the environment, both locally and globally. We ship in truckloads of supplies, ship out tons of waste, and draw energy around the clock. These are the requirements and by-products of a large community, but the members of this community are working toward making them happen in more sustainable ways - ways that will meet the needs of present and future generations with as little detrimental effect on the resources and biological systems of the planet as possible.

If you were to visit Keene State, you might notice some of the more visible signs of sustainability: green bikes sitting outside the library waiting to be checked out for free; the smell of French fries coming from a lawn mower powered by biodiesel; or a crew of student workers hauling bins of cans, bottles, paper, batteries, even food waste, into a truck for recycling. What you might not notice are the truckloads of demolition waste being hauled away to be recycled instead of dumped, the professors redesigning their courses to situate their subject matter within the context of sustainability, or the low-energy compact fluorescent bulbs in the light fixtures.

Just looking at the brickwork buildings, you might not be able to tell that inside the staff, faculty, and students of Keene State College are continually making decisions and instituting policies and programs to make this community more sustainable.

Do you want to know more about sustainability at Keene State? Are you curious about making sustainable decisions in your daily life? Do you have ideas for making this community more sustainable? On this web site you'll find links that tell you more about sustainability at the College, connect you to outside resources, and show you how to join the President's Council for a Sustainable Future - one of the driving forces for sustainability at Keene State.

Carpooling made easy

Draft of KSC Climate Action Plan (pdf)

Since the Fall of 2009, the Office of Sustainability Programs has worked with the Dietetic Internship office, the Center for Health and Wellness office and KSC film studies student James Hayward on videos intended to promote healthy foods, encourage healthy eating habits, and reduce food waste at Keene State College. Check them out!

  • Nutritional Gatekeeper focusing on healthy eating by using the divided plate method and on reducing food waste.
  • Portion Distortion focusing on portion control and reducing food waste.
  • Just Enough focusing on the Plate Waste Study, benefits of eating well, and tips on food selection.
  • Evolution of Yogurt focusing on mindful eating and food waste reduction.
  • Here's a recycling movie produced by Silver Maione, an intrepid Keene State College student. The Green Guardian

    In addition, here's a movie that showcases our beautiful campus. Keene State College

    Special thanks go to Sodexo Dining Services and Keene TV for their support on these videos.

Interested in seeing more great videos? Here is one from TED Talks about drying your hands with one small paper towel

For more information contact KSC Sustainability or the Office of Sustainability Programs at 603.358.2417


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