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Sustainability at Keene State College

Keene State College cares deeply about our communities—the human communities where we live, work, study, and play—and also the non-human communities that share our regional home. Our ethic of care frames our approach to sustainability.

About Us

We embrace the classic definition of sustainability but seek to go beyond to implement projects that will help us all to flourish. More about About Us

Our Projects

The Campus Sustainability Office, along with a variety of campus partners, is working to realize our goals to a more sustainable campus through a number of exciting and dynamic projects. Check back to this location often for updates on existing projects and new initiatives. More about Our Projects

Recycling at KSC (R.O.C.K.S.)

Recycling On Campus Keene State (R.O.C.K.S.) is the college’s highly mobile and omnipresent team of students who ensure that anything and everything that can be recycled is collected and organized. More about Recycling at KSC (R.O.C.K.S.)

Meet the Team

Meet the folks who help support the entire campus community in identifying and achieving sustainability goals and objectives. More about Meet the Team

Contact the Sustainability Office

Cary Gaunt
Director of Campus Sustainability
Elliot Center

Diana Duffy
Coordinator of Energy and Administrative Services
Elliot Center

Marcus McCarroll
Recycling Assistant, Green Bikes Coordinator
Elliot Center