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Academic Assessment

Hale Building
Begin pull-quote…Assess what we value and value what we assess …end pull-quote
– Edwards, 2000

Our Goals

  • Provide leadership in college-wide assessment activities.
  • Support college and program accreditation-related activities.
  • Partner with faculty in student learning outcome development, assessment design, and program improvement.
  • Coordinate assessment in Integrative Studies Programs (ISP).
  • Participate in academic strategic planning.
  • Facilitate assessment workshops and trainings.
  • Promote best practices in assessment at different levels.
  • Administer assessment management systems.
  • Offer data support for assessment activities.

Core Values

The Office of Institutional Assessment embraces the core values as follows:

  • Efficiency: We provide assessment service in a timely manner;
  • Effectiveness: We advocate for effective methods of assessment;
  • Integrity: We maintain integrity in our assessment activities and data analysis;
  • Collegiality: We value collaborative working relationships;
  • Excellence: We seek excellence by promoting ourselves as a learning community.

Program Assessment

OIA and Academic Affairs Assessment Committee (AAAC) work closely to help academic and supporting programs with their assessment efforts.

More about Program Assessment


College Assessment

OIA facilitates college-level assessment activities and provide institutional student learning information for decision making in terms of curricular revision, instructional design, and learning strategies.

More about College Assessment


Accreditation is an internal review process to improve academic programs.OIA supports various academic and supporting programs in their pursuit of accreditations.

More about Accreditation

Assessment e-Portfolios

OIA maintains assessment data management systems to provide assessment data support. For any data request, please contact us!

More about Assessment e-Portfolios

Academic Affairs Assessment Committee

The Academic Affairs Assessment Committee (AAAC) consists of faculty members representing different programs and administrators from different divisions.

More about Academic Affairs Assessment Committee

Assessment Systems Resources

The Institutional Assessment branch of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment currently oversees the administration of two assessment systems used on the KSC campus. Institutional Assessment has created this resources page for students, staff, faculty and co-operating professionals who use these systems. It is a vital resource for any Keene State user of these systems as it includes tutorials and instructions pertaining to the most commonly encountered problems. More about Assessment Systems Resources


Assessment Resources

OIA put together a rich pool of assessment resources for faculty and staff to use in their assessment endeavors.

More about Assessment Resources