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The Math Center staff administers tests and quizzes for faculty members as well as proficiency and assessment testing for individual courses. Students who need to take a test or quiz at the Math Center should contact Barbara Yardley at 603-358-2023 to make an appointment.

Sample exam questions are included in the links below.

Testing times are listed at the bottom of the Tutor Schedule


Link to KSC page MATH 171 Proficiency Exam Successful completion of this exam is required before taking Math 171 - Structure of Number Systems


Mathematics Assessment for Chemistry and Physics As a student in CHEM 111 or PHYS 141, you will be required to take a mathematics assessment exam to evaluate your math skills.


Link to KSC page Math Assessment Exam for Management Majors and Minors This exam is designed to determine if students majoring or minoring in Management have the mathematical skills needed to be successful in quantitative intensive Management courses.


Link to KSC page Nursing Basic Math Exam Successful completion of this exam is required of all nursing majors in their first year at Keene State College and transfer students.
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