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When addressing mail to on-campus students, faculty and staff, please use proper first and last names and their proper mail stop number. Check the directories for up-to-date mailstops.

Postal Mail Boxes
Resident students are automatically assigned a mailbox and will have the same mailbox throughout their stay on campus. Off-campus students may rent a box for $19 per semester.

Campus Distributions
Memos and flyers to faculty and staff are delivered on a daily basis. Distributions to student mailboxes cost $15 and must be scheduled in advance. Only KSC affiliated organizations are allowed to put flyers in student mailboxes. Please call Mail Services to schedule a distribution.

Route Deliveries are done three times a day throughout campus and to Wheelock School. Faculty and Staff can put their Interoffice, Redball Express, outgoing mail, via UNH truck and on-campus student mail in their mailbags. Redball Express (Digital Printing) deliveries are done between route times if necessary.

  • 8 a.m. - Drop off and pickup of Redball Express (Digital Printing requests), drop off Bulk Mailing at Post office and pickup Postal Mail for the campus community.
  • 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. - Delivery and pickup of all campus interoffice mail and Redball Express (Digital Printing requests), mail for on campus student mailboxes and outgoing mail.

Mail Carrier Pick-up times


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