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L.P. Young Student Center

The Lloyd P. Young Student Center at Keene State College is the community center of the campus, a gathering place for all members of the College family - students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni - as well as guests from the wider Keene community.

As the “living room” or “hearthstone” of the College, the Center provides the services, conveniences, and amenities needed by members of the College family for their daily campus lives and for getting to know and understand one another through informal association outside the classroom. The Student Center has everything: books, food, lounges, lockers and an ATM.

Facilities Usage

The facilities of Keene State College exist primarily to support approved academic and co-curricular programs and events. The College gives priority for use of its facilities to College organizations and groups, College departments, and members of the College community.

The College recognizes its role as a public institution in the state and the local community, and seeks to make its facilities available for events sponsored by external groups which do not conflict with institutional priorities and remain within the limits of its resources.

In fulfilling its mission the College recognizes free inquiry and free expression as indispensable components in the examination of ideas and scheduling decisions are not made to restrict such expression.


A. To establish a consistent and equitable approach for handling scheduling requests and for assessing fees for the use of College facilities
B. To facilitate access to facilities for both internal and external groups
C. To address legal and financial issues pertinent to facility use and
D. To offer consistent quality service and support for events held on campus

Student Center Rooms

Mabel Brown Room - 100-940 (520 seated, 758 standing room)

  • Mabel Brown Room (MBR) –

    • 100-940 (520 seated, 758 standing room) Stage: 28.5’ wide at the back, 33.5’ at front, 28’ from front edge of stage to back wall (1,100 sq.ft.)
    • House: Variable configurations, maximum capacity 940 (balcony and main floor-“standing room”)
    • Piano: If the performer’s contract requests a piano, your organization will need to make arrangements with the Student Center. The Student Center piano is limited to use only on the stage of the Mabel Brown Room by reserving it with the Student Center. On the day of the event the piano should be tuned in the location where it is to be used. Contact the Student Center Associate Director for approved piano tuners.
  • Mountain View Room (MTV) - 24-120
  • Conference Room 307/308 – 10
  • Conference Room 309 - 24-48
  • Madison St. Lounge (MAD) - 10-80
  • Atrium Conference Room (ACR) -
  • College Camp on Wilson Pond - House 38 inside/Pavilion 100

* For information and availability on facility sound and lighting equipment for concerts and plays, please contact Scheduling & Event Services: (603-358-2323)

For the College Camp on Wilson Pond, please schedule the facility through the Scheduling Office at least two weeks prior to the event. The requester of the facility must be responsible to pick up the College Camp key at the Information Desk, Student Center. The key can be picked up the day prior to the event and must be returned to the Information Desk within 24 hours after the event. Failure to comply with this may result in a key replacement fee or future loss of College Camp scheduling privileges. All requesters/groups must sign and adhere to the College Camp Procedures outlined on the form.

All planned activities must be scheduled through the Scheduling Office and must comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. Organized or “pick-up” athletic or sports activities by Keene State College Students shall be played on Joyce Field (conditions permitting). Persons engaged in spontaneous or informal gatherings or activities must utilize appropriate care, consideration, and respect for both the grounds and all members of the College community. If appropriate consideration is not exercised regarding noise level, time, locations, etc. those participants will be asked to cease that activity.


Facility Non-profit Private
Main Theater-Performance $60/hr (2 hr min) or $500/day $125/hr or $900/day
Main Theater - Rehearsal $40/hr (2 hr min) or $125/day $75/hr or $175/day
Alumni Recital Hall $35/hr or $225/day $75/hr or $500/day
Wright Theater $30/hr (2 hr min) or $200/day $60/hr or $400/day
Keene/Markem/Drenan Lecture Halls, Rhodes 203 $50/hr (2 hr min) $75/hr (2 hr min)
$15 each additional hour $20 each additional hour
Mabel Brown Room $100/hr (2 hr min) $40 each additional hour $150/hr (2 hr min)
$50 each additional hour
Mountainview Room, Madison St Lounge, $50/hr (2 hr min) $75/hr (2 hr min)
West Dining Rm (SC), $15 each additional hour $20 each additional hour
Lantern Room (SC),
Thorne (reception space for 75-100)
Meeting Rooms (seating 50 people or less) $25/hr (2 hr min) $40/hr (2 hr min)
$15 each additional hour $20 each additional hour
Classrooms $25/hr (2 hr min) $40/hr (2 hr min)
$15 each additional hour $20 each additional hour
Computer Labs*** $75/hr (2 hr min) $125/hr (2 hr min)
$50 each additional hour $80 each additional hour
Vendor Space $50/day $100/day
College Camp $150/day $300/day for profit business & private use
$225/day*KSC employees (personal/private events)
$150/day KSC alumni & students (personal/private events)
* $75cleaning/maintenance fee may be waived forKSC employees only.
Swimming Pool** $75/hr (2 hr min) $150/hr (2 hr min)
$25 each additional hour $40 each additional hour
Baseball/Softball* (extra charge if field markings required) $50/hr (2 hr min) $20 each additional hour $100/hr (2 hr min)
$30 each additional hour
Recreation/Athletic fields* $40/hr (2 hr min) $75/hr (2 hr min)
(extra charge if field markings required) $15 each additional hour $25 each additional hour
Artificial Turf* $125/hr (2 hour min) $175/hr(2 hour min)
$40 each additional hour $50 each additional hour
Recreation Center Gym** (limited availability) $100/hr (2 hr min) $150/hr (2 hr min)
$30 each additional hour $50 each additional hour
Multipurpose Room** $30/hr (2 hr min) $50/hr (2 hr min)
$10 each additional hour $20 each additional hour
Spaulding Main Gym** $100/hr (2 hr min) $150/hr (2 hr min)
$40 each additional hour $50 each additional hour
  • * Additional charge for light at $75/hr to be determined by Athletics
  • ** Spaulding Main Gym/Recreation Center/Multipurpose Room/Swimming pool: Multiple building monitors required on certain days.
  • *** Additional costs incurred will be charged to the rentee. These may include: hardware configuration and setup; software installation and de-installation, lab monitor.
  • Rental rates are listed by the hour/day. Facility fees for multiple day events may be negotiated.
  • Daily rates apply to performance events scheduled in the Arts Center on Brickyard Pond.
  • Additional custodial charges will be assessed per event (Athletic team practices excluded). \


Personnel Charges

Staffing level described in Personnel Charges below will be determined by specific facility manager and charged to facility renter.

Campus Safety Officer $20/hr / 3 hr minimum *
Building Monitors (student or srofessional staff will be determined by Facility Manager) $12/hr student manager, $25/hr professional manager Grounds Crew $18/hr; $25/hr overtime
Overtime Custodial $20/hr
Light/Sound Technician $18/hr
Professional Staff $25/hr
Stage Hands $15/hr
House/Ushers/Box Office Staff $12/hr
Lifeguards $10/hr
Athletic Facilities Manager $15/hr
Fork Lift Driver - Gym $25/hr
Facility Manager - Gym(for crowds over 1,000 as required by NH state law) $33/hr; 3-hour minimum

* If KSC determines that KPD should be involved, there will be additional charges.

Group rates are available for facility rental and room and board for summer conferences sports camps and educational institutes.


Contact Student Involvement

Jennifer Ferrell, Director of Student Involvement


2016-2017 Executive Board Registration

Student organization officers are required to register with the Office of Student Involvement. Registration is quick and simple.