Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs


The Keene State College community believes that the overall health of its members is dependent on their ability to set standards for alcohol and other drug use, and to live by them in all their affairs. With respect to the use of alcohol and other drugs, it is the position of the Keene State College community that:

  1. The use of alcohol or other drugs has many clearly identified risks and consequences.
  2. Everyone should seek to understand when the use of alcohol or other drugs puts them and others at increased risk for health or impairment problems. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • When full cognitive function is needed – school work, class attendance, or employment responsibilities;
    • When there is a history of alcohol or other drug addiction in the family;
    • While engaged in athletics or other physical activities as well as when training for such endeavors;
    • While operating complex and/or dangerous equipment – laboratory equipment, motor vehicles, power tools, etc.;
    • While taking certain medications for a wide variety of illness or disorders;
    • While responsible for the supervision, safety, and well-being of others;
    • While pregnant;
    • While recovering from chemical dependency.
  3. Keene State College both supports and complies with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (P.L. 100–600) and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (P.L. 101–226).
  4. Although the legal use of alcohol and other drugs is a personal choice, the illegal use is a violation of the Keene State College Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.
  5. Moreover, ignorance of local, state and federal laws or campus regulations does not provide protection from these laws or regulations if they are violated. (See Addendum 2 and Addendum 5)
  6. No one should be pressured to use alcohol or other drugs.
  7. Drunkenness is neither healthy nor socially acceptable and is considered irresponsible behavior. Drunkenness should not be laughed at or taken lightly. Moreover, it should be understood that repeated drunkenness may be a symptom of personal problems and/or serious illness.
  8. Alcohol or other drugs are not essential for the enjoyment of social events, family gatherings, or celebrations. Furthermore, drinking alcoholic beverages should not be an activity for its own sake. When alcoholic beverages are present at social occasions, including receptions, they should be adjunct to other activities, rather than the primary purpose of attending the function. Food and alternate beverages must be served.
  9. Person(s) or organizations arranging events where alcoholic beverages will be consumed are encouraged to plan, so that the consumption of alcohol remains within the spirit of the Declaration of Honorable Conduct for the Keene State College Community and this policy statement.

In an effort to educate the Keene State College community and to comply with the requirements of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, the following information is provided as addenda to the above policy statement:

  1. An overview of the College’s Alcohol and Other Drug Use Regulations.
  2. A summary of the possible Sanctions imposed for violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.
  3. A description of alcohol and other drug counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation programs available to members of the college community.
  4. A summary of local and state laws governing the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol.
  5. Guidelines for Alcohol Beverage Marketing on Campus.


  • Addendum 1
    Includes: Regulations, Regulations specific to Keene State Residence Halls, Regulations Regarding Keene State College Employees and the Drug Free Work Place Act
  • Addendum 2
    Includes: Conduct Actions (students), College Disciplinary Action When There is Also a Violation of the Law
  • Addendum 3
    Includes: Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling, Treatment, and rehabilitation programs available to students
  • Addendum 4
    Includes: Local and State Laws Governing the Unlawful Possession, Use, Or Distribution of Alcohol and Other Drugs, City of Keene, State of New Hampshire Alcohol, Controlled Drugs, Class A Felony, Class B Felony, Misdemeanor, Violation
  • Addendum 5
    Includes: Guidelines for Beverage Marketing on Campus