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In order to establish eligibility for services, the Office of Disability Services requires documentation that both verifies the existence of a disability and provides a rationale for reasonable accommodations. Generally speaking, disabilities that are supported by our office are:

If the documentation supplied by the student is insufficient to establish disability or determine appropriate accommodations, the Office of Disability Services will require the student to provide additional documentation at his/her expense. The Documentation Review Committee reviews documentation to establish eligibility for services.

General Guidelines for appropriate documentation are as follows. For specific documentation guidelines, please use the links above:

  • Documentation must come from an appropriate licensed professional and must be dated and signed;
  • Documentation must include a clear statement of diagnosis and explanation of how the diagnosis was determined, including specific results of diagnostic procedures and dates diagnostic evaluations were administered;
  • Documentation must include an explanation of the functional limitations of the condition;
  • Documentation should be no more than 3 years old unless the condition is permanent or unchanging, as determined by the Documentation Review Committee. If the manifestations of the condition are variable, the committee may require more current documentation in order to determine functional limitations.

Documentation and the nature of a student's disability is confidential information. All copies of documentation of disabilities submitted by the student for the purpose of considering ADA accommodations must be centrally housed in the Office of Disability Services.

All documentation should be submitted directly to our office through mail or fax:

Office of Disability Services
Keene State College
229 Main Street
Keene, NH 03435-2609

or faxed to a confidential line at 603-358-2313.


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