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Education, Awareness, Preparedness

Crime awareness is the key to crime prevention. Listed below are programs provided by Campus Safety and are available to educate community members.

Please ask about additional programs or we can work with you to design one to meet your needs.

  • Alcohol 101 & Alcohol Awareness

    • Program educates students on issues related to alcohol and safety; impairment simulation using "Beer Goggles".
  • Bicycle Safety & Registration

    • They're expensive and portable: learn how to protect your assets.
  • CSI: Keene -
    (Campus Safety Interactive)

    • The CSI program pairs Campus Safety Officers with campus groups to bring the officers into closer contact with the campus community in a positive, service-oriented way.
  • Campus Alerts

    • Issued to advise the community of relevant information in other areas of concern, i.e. weather or storm advisories, traffic advisories, potential or real power outages, etc.
      Current Alerts >>>
  • Crime Alerts

    • Issued when a crime or pattern of crimes or other activity has occurred which present an immediate and significant danger to the Community. Alerts are sent out as an e-mail, are posted on those areas affected and notification made to Residence Life staff, if applicable. Alerts may also activate the College's ENS.
  • Cyber-crime/Cyber-safety

    • Learn how to stay safe in the viral world and how to check your online reputation.
  • Defensive Driving

    • A 3-hour driver safety class presented several times each semester. Registration.
  • Emergency Planning and Management

    • Provides basic information on emergency planning and management at Keene State, how to create an emergency plan for yourself or office, discussion of types of emergencies that could occur and basic office safety.
  • Fire Safety

    • Fire and smoke incidents kill many people each year. Learn how to prevent fire related incidents and what to do if a fire breaks out.
  • Keep Safe on Campus Game Show

    • A program for all first year students presented during Orientation. Covers many aspects of campus safety that a student needs to know.
  • Operation ID

    • Engrave, mark and inventory your valuables so you identify them if lost or stolen.
  • R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense)

    • A 12-hour self-defense program for women only. The course includes lecture, discussion and self defense techniques, suitable for women of all ages and abilities. Classes are scheduled at least once each semester. This course has its foundation in education and awareness. Registration.
  • R.A.D. (Resisting Aggression with Defense) for Men

    • This course has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self defense techniques, suitable for men of all ages and abilities. Classes range from nine to twelve hours in length. Registration.
  • School Violence Awareness and Education

    • Awareness and education program on school violence, warning signs, creating an action plan and reporting using the "Shots Fired On Campus" DVD.
  • Silent Witness

    • Anonymous web link to report violations of state law or college policy or suspicious activity. Submissions are reviewed during normal business hours.
      Silent Witness form >>>
  • Workplace/School Violence

    • Focused primarily on faculty and staff, this program focuses on workplace violence and warning signs, creating an action plan and how to report. Uses the "When Lightning Strikes" DVD.


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