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Master Plan

Master Plan excerpt

Keene State College is engaged in its regular Master Planning process. The Master Plan is a roadmap for the physical environment of the campus that is re-visited every 10 years to support the mission of Keene State as the distinguished public liberal arts college of New Hampshire. It supports College priorities: academic excellence and student success, sustainability, financial stability, and community engagement. The Master Plan also improves the day-to-day efficiency and functionality of the campus.

For the past year, a committee comprised of students, faculty, staff, and Keene community members has been working together to update Keene State’s existing facilities Master Plan. The planning process produces both a report and interactive planning tools for the College. This important process is driven by program needs and projections essential to the College’s ability to achieve its mission and best support its students in the face of unprecedented challenges of the 21st century. These projections are benchmarked to comparable campuses.

The process began with an assessment of current and projected program needs for space and supporting infrastructure. It will result in a campus plan, extensive data resources, and flexible planning tools to be used to support decisions.

We have used an iterative process of developing the master plan. Concepts and options were presented to stakeholders along the way, leading to multiple presentations of the proposed master plan in October and November 2013. The current Master Plan was approved by the USNH Board of Trustees in January 2014.

On behalf of the Master Planning/Facilities Planning Advisory Committee, you are invited to review the information on this page. Please stay tuned here, for further updates.

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