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Honors & Enrichment Programs

Honors & Enrichment

The Morris-August Honors Program

The Morris-August Honors Program provides exceptional students with intellectual stimulation and academically rich experiences for personal and professional growth. Students work closely with fellow students and professors and engage in creative and critical inquiry. They integrate and expand on what they are learning in Honors courses by attending enrichment activities and events both on and off campus. More about The Morris-August Honors Program

Academic Excellence Conference

The Academic Excellence Conference is held in the spring. The primary goals of the conference are to facilitate an intellectual experience; to encourage the exchange of ideas and intellectual interaction among students; and to increase the visibility of students' academic work and the collaborative work between students and faculty. Presenting at the conference allows you to demonstrate that your work was deemed worthy to present at Keene State’s Student Professional Conference. More about Academic Excellence Conference

Academic Enrichment Programs

Keene State College is committed to student engagement and to supporting students in developing skills and having experiences that enhance both their academic and career success. In meeting our commitment to these goals, the Academic Enrichment Programs at Keene State College support students who are committed to academic excellence, to broadening their personal and professional perspectives, and to expanding their learning beyond the classroom. More about Academic Enrichment Programs

Global Education Office

The Global Education Office (GEO) creates and supports opportunities for KSC faculty and students to undertake engaged learning in global settings. GEO works with KSC students who study away, incoming international exchange students, and faculty-led programs. Our students and faculty broaden their horizons around the world. More about Global Education Office

Service Learning

Helping others while challenging yourself academically makes your degree more valuable.

Many programs at Keene State require Service Learning. Students apply what they learn from their course work by working in the local community. These real-life working situations enhance student learning and help students meet their course goals. More about Service Learning