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Travel Planning


Student organizations planning to travel must submit a Travel Request to the office of Student Involvement. Travel requests must be submitted using the following guidelines for consideration:

  • No later than 5 days prior to departure for low or medium risk travel in-state.
  • No later than 10 days prior to departure for low or medium travel out of state or high risk in-state.
  • No later than 3 months prior to departure for foreign travel.

When the Travel Pre-Approval Form has been reviewed by the office of Student Involvement your organization will receive notification of travel approval/disapproval. Email notification of the travel status will be sent to the trip leader(s), your advisor and Student Center Accounting. The travel notification will include a status of required travel documents, along with a timeline for their submission. Absolutely no financial activities can occur until your organization has received travel approval. Once you have received approval for your travel, trip leaders should coordinate with the organization treasurer and Student Center Accounting to discuss the financial aspects of the trip. There are several options for processing travel expenses including the use of purchase orders, check requests, cash advances and campus travel cards. Student Center Accounting will determine the most appropriate method for your trip based on a number of factors. Travel cards require an application period of 30 days so plan accordingly.

Please visit the Student Travel Page to continue with the Pre-Approval process.

Travel Process / Guidelines for Repeat Destinations

Student Organizations travelling to the same destination/location on several dates throughout the semester can submit one travel pre-approval form.  Complete the following process to receive approval for multiple trips to the same location.

  • Travel Pre-Approval Form - when filling out the form do the following:
    • List the first trip in the Trip Date box.
    • List all remaining trip dates and reason / purpose of the trip in the trip description / purpose box
  • Participant List - A new participant list will be needed for each trip
  • Waivers - if you include all trip dates on the original waiver for participants then only one will be required for the semester.
  • Medical Forms - Only one Medical form is required per academic year. So those are only required for participants who have not submitted one.

For information about Student Organization travel, please contact:
Jennifer Ferrell, Director of Student Involvement, x8-2664,


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