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Student Activities and Organizations Finances

All student organizations must adhere to the Student Assembly procedures for organizational funding and follow the policies and procedures of the University System of New Hampshire. All student organizations funded with a Student Activity fee allocation must process income and expense through their Student Center account.

Performance Agreements

Student organizations planning on engaging a performer, speaker or other service provider will need to work with both the Director of Student Involvement and the Accounting Office to insure compliance to policies and procedures. Contract approval must be completed prior to the event, please plan accordingly. Although an outside agency or group may collaborate with a student organization or co-sponsor an event on campus, the student organization involved assumes full responsibility for the collection of cash including ticket sales, donations, and other financial transactions. All money collected must be deposited into the student organization's KSC account through the Accounting Office.

Charitable Contributions

A student organization receiving a budget or funds from the student activity fee through Student Government may not make a charitable contribution to any group, cause, or fund on or off campus from those funds. This pertains to all charitable contributions within and outside Keene State College. Revenue generated from the use of student activity fees shall be considered the same as student activity fees, with the exception of those in which individual members contribute their own funds or have raised money through an approved fundraiser or benefit.


Student organizations planning to travel must complete all necessary documentation on the Student Travel Page. Once you have received approval for your trip please plan on meeting with the Accounting Office to discuss the financial aspects of the trip. There are several options for processing travel expense including the use of purchase orders, check requests, cash advances and campus travel cards. The Accounting Office will determine the most appropriate method for your trip based on a number of factors. Travel cards require an application period of 30 days so please plan accordingly.

Purchasing Guidelines

Any purchase that fails to comply with Student Center Purchasing Guidelines, KSC Purchasing Office policy or those of the University System of New Hampshire, the individual student or staff member placing such an order will assume personal liability for the payment of the invoice.

Employees of the University System of New Hampshire who provide a service (lecture, coaching, advising) to a campus organization or group do so as a part of their professional responsibility. Thus, employees cannot accept, nor should they be offered, honorariums or any financial remuneration, except for out of pocket expenses which must be processed as per the financial procedures stated in this section.

All sales of equipment purchased by a student organization are the property of Keene State College and must be handled according to the College disposal policy through the KSC Purchasing Office.

For information about Finances, please contact:
Deb Edwards, Sr. Program Support Assistant, x8-2660,


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