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Keene State College recognizes co-curricular activities as vital to the mission of the college and the personal development of its students. In order to facilitate the growth of recognized student organizations, the college requires each organization to have an advisor. Each advisor must be a fulltime member of the faculty or staff.

Role of Advisor

Certain responsibilities are characteristic of most advisory functions or roles. These responsibilities may vary from time to time depending upon the policy of the College. However, there are certain expectations which are generally applied to the role of advisor for a recognized student organization at Keene State College. These are listed below in terms of three major areas: group growth, group maintenance, and program content.

Group Growth

This area consists of those advisory activities that improve the operation and effectiveness of the group and help it progress toward its goal. Related advisory activities might include teaching techniques and responsibilities of good leadership, coaching the officers in principles of good organizational and administrative practice, developing procedures and plans for action, keeping the group focused on goals, and stimulating or initiating activities and programs.

Group Maintenance

This area seeks to maintain the existence of the student organization and to help keep it out of unnecessary difficulty by alerting the group to college policies and procedures which pertain to recognized student organizations, arbitrating group disputes, providing advice when called upon, providing history and tradition of past groups when advisable, advising on financial matters, and helping groups be aware of the importance of good public relations for the organization and the institution.

Program Content

In this area the advisor assists the organization to complement the formal curricular offerings of the College. It is here that the advisor can stimulate the talents and ability of students intellectual development while enriching campus life. Advisory activities related to program ideas are providing opportunities for the practice of classroom-acquired skills, pointing out new perspectives and directions to the group, and supplying expert knowledge and insight of experience. In practice, the advisor should attempt to perform growth, maintenance, and content functions as seem appropriate to specific situations and not especially in any particular sequence. The advisor's objective should be to make membership in the organization an educationally meaningful experience. The student organization advisor should go beyond the role of passive bystander and be prepared to provide active ongoing academic and social leadership to the student group.

Selecting an Advisor

If your organization's advisor should resign or if you are a new organization, you must select an advisor as soon as possible. An advisor is required to co-sign all scheduling requests, financial transaction forms, and check requisition forms. It is impossible to be active if you cannot process these forms. The standard procedure for selecting an advisor for an organization is to nominate members of the faculty or staff for the position at a regular meeting of the organization. The membership should then vote to select the advisor of their choice. One of the members of the organization should approach the faculty or staff member to ask him/her to serve as the organization's advisor. The student representative should inform the faculty or staff member about the goals, objectives, history, and current functioning of the student organization. Also, information should be shared about the responsibilities of an advisor. If further information is requested by the faculty or staff member, he/she may be invited to a meeting of the organization on policies and procedures. Once an advisor is selected, the organization must inform the Director of Student Involvement.

Advisor Commitment Form

The new advisor will then sign a commitment form that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the advisor. If a student organization determines that an advisor is failing to fulfill his or her responsibilities or if difficulties arise, the organization's officers should contact the Director of Student Involvement. The Director will work with the organization and its advisor to determine a fair process of resolution.

General Responsibilities of a Student Organization to its Advisor

Student organizations must work with their advisors to establish a standard meeting time which is convenient for the advisor and officers. The officers are responsible for keeping their advisor informed. When the advisor's authorization is requested on scheduling forms or financial transaction forms, the advisor should receive adequate background information and the necessary forms with an appropriate amount of time to process them.The advisor should be consulted in advance and involved in the development of major organizational plans or projects.


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