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Student Activities and Organizations

2016-2017 Executive Board Registration

Executive Board Registration
Student organization officers are required to register with the Student Involvement office.Registration is simple and quick.

Taking part in Student Activities and Organizations is a great way to get involved here at Keene State College. With around 100 student organizations of all types and sizes to choose from, there's a little something for everybody.

Why should YOU get involved? Being active in a student organization has been shown to help students develop personally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Students who become involved in organizations are more likely to continue through graduation because they are able to develop ties and friendships that help them "anchor" to the campus. Being involved also enhances opportunities for career development by giving students various skills that help when they graduate.

And most importantly, giving time and talent to an organization will not only help that group, but it will also help to make your college experience a valuable and enjoyable one!

 Student Organization Offices
 Student Organization Advisors
 Defensive Driving
 Event Planning
 Travel Planning

 Officer Responsibilities
 Starting a New Group
 Student Activity Fees & Budgets
 Student Involvement Social Media Guidelines
 Student Involvement Public Viewing Policy

For information about Student Activities and Organizations at Keene State, please contact:
Jennifer Ferrell, Director of Student Involvement


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