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Each year, KSC students look forward to the L.P. Young Student Center Annual Leadership Retreat. At this retreat, students get a chance to develop specific leadership skills, build connections and relationships with their fellow KSC students, and have some real fun in an outdoor setting!

This year, our retreat is going to be Oct. 24th and 25th (Saturday and Sunday) at the Hulbert Outdoor Center, in Fairlee, VT.

Our goal is to make this program as accessible as possible. We provide transportation, lodging, and meals for all of our participants- at no cost to the student! All you need to do is sign up and show up. The Student Center commits a significant amount of resources to this event, because we believe in the significance and importance of the experience. Because of this, and the desire to take as many students as possible, there is a $25 fee if you sign up and back out at a later date.

Goals/Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of their participation in this program, students will:

  • Develop their leadership and
    communication skills
  • Enhance their understanding of teamwork
    and interpersonal skills
  • Increase their confidence in their
    leadership abilities

24th Annual Leadership Retreat - TBD



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