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Unrecognized Organization Position Statement

The Keene State College Greek Community is rooted in the values that unite all of our organizations. We promote academic success, service to others, leadership development, and fellowship between all members and organizations. We work to create an environment that encourages each student to reach their fullest potential, while living their values every day. Additionally, all recognized fraternities and sororities at Keene State College have organizational, governance board, institutional, and inter/national standards that they must adhere to. Membership in our Greek Community provides students with the opportunity to develop skills that will benefit individuals, their organizations, Keene State College, and the entire Keene Community.

We want to inform people about the clear, decisive line between the recognized organizations at Keene State College, and those unaffiliated organizations who do not meet the standards of the institution. Recognized Greek organizations constantly struggle with negative stereotypes, and unrecognized groups without the same level of accountability erode their ability to be successful. It is in the best interests of the students, our organizations, and Keene State College to educate others on the differences between our recognized and unrecognized organizations. Currently, there are two unrecognized groups that are currently operating:

  • Sigma Rho Upsilon, also known as "EPY", is an unrecognized sorority.
  • Alpha Pi Tau, also known as "Alpha", is an unrecognized fraternity.

These groups are no longer recognized student organizations at Keene State College. They have lost this recognition for failure to meet basic standards of the college and/or their inter/national headquarters. While a group may use Greek letters, that may not mean they are a part of the community, or embody the values and standards of the recognized Greek organizations at Keene State College.

There are many great benefits and experiences that can be had by sharing in the unique opportunities offered by a fraternity or sorority. If you are interested in joining our Greek Community, please contact any of our ten recognized organizations. Keene State College is committed to providing a positive, enriching experience for all of our students.

If you have further questions or would like to learn more about Greek Life at Keene State College, please contact Brandon Mathieu, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Leadership, x8-2018,, Jennifer Ferrell, Director of Student Involvement, x8-2664, or Stacy MacKenzie, Sr. Program Support Assistant, x8-2642,


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