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Our Staff

Teacher Education Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Teacher Education Office includes the Officer for New Hampshire Teacher Certification, the Office Manager, the Clinical Field Experience Coordinator, Administrative Assistant to the Office, and the Administrative Assistant to the Clinical Field Experience Coordinator.

All work with the faculty from the Early Childhood Program, Elementary Education, Special Education, Secondary, and the K-12 Music and Physical Education Programs.

This collaboration helps to ensure a successful teacher preparation experience for each student that meets certification requirements of state, regional, and national accreditation standards.

  • Dr. Beverly King
    Assistant Dean
    603 358-2022
    NH Teacher Certification Officer
    Provides curriculum support to faculty and students
  • Kate Leinster-O’Connor
    Office Manager
    603 358-2334
    Provides management and supervision of office systems, academic processes and procedures, and information management
  • Debra Herget
    Administrative Assistant
    603 358-2286
    • Provides information and support to students, faculty and cooperating professionals working in the KSC Teacher Education Program.
    • Oversees the Admission to Teacher Education Process and processes compensation for cooperating professionals.
  • Kathy Hurst
    Clinical Field Experience Coordinator for Teacher Education
    603 358-2848
    • Provides cooperating professionals with information regarding student placements, complementary benefits, training, and professional development.
    • Places all education students in course-related field work: methods/practicum , student teaching.
    • Facilitates steps towards certification with the New Hampshire Department of Education.
  • Emily McGuiness
    Administrative Assistant to the Clinical Field Experience Coordinator
    603 358-2753
    • Supports the work of the Clinical Field Experience Coordinator in verifying students' academic eligibility for field placements, documenting field placements, and facilitating steps towards teacher certification.
    • Supports the work of the Clinical Field Experience Coordinator with communications with cooperating professionals.


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