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Housing Deposit Event
Tech Tips

Important Technical tips:

  1. Prepare your computer for optimal performance prior to the event.

  2. Install the latest security patches for your computer's operating system (Windows/Mac).  Windows

  3. Install updated anti-virus and spyware software on your computer.

  4. Update your browser to at least Internet Explorer version 6.0

  5. Configure your network connection in accordance with campus guidelines.

  6. If you'd like, feel free to bookmark the eVENTS site so you can easily connect to the application event between March 30th and April 10th.

  7. If you receive a "Page Not Found" or "Site Not Found" message during the event, refresh the page ONCE and wait for the page to reload. If you consistently receive a site or page not found message, visit another site to confirm that you still have a network connection.

  8. Call the Residential Life Office (x8-2339) -- or e-mail res life if you experience any problems with site navigation or site availability.

    Status updates will also be linked from the Keene State College homepage, below the rotating graphic in the center of the page.

  9. Don't forget that you can connect from anywhere - on-campus labs, home computers, etc.


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