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Pondside II Apartments. Photo by Mark Corliss.
Residence Halls

Living on Campus: What's It Like?
Personal enrichment, individual development, self-expression, and the fun of living with people from backgrounds different than yours are several of the benefits of living on campus at Keene State College. Many activities, programs, and leadership opportunities are available in the halls to supplement other co-curricular activities.

Residence hall living will offer you a great deal of freedom in choosing your own lifestyle; you will also find that it requires considerable personal responsibility. Group living puts certain boundaries on individual freedom, creating the need for cooperation, consideration and understanding. Each person in a residence hall has the responsibility to cooperate, tolerate, understand and assist others in their community.

Living in a residence hall offers you the chance to take advantage of campus life to its fullest. It allows you to be a total part of the College and affords intellectual, social and personal growth. Our residence hall program is designed to assist you in learning and growing during your college experience. Specially selected and trained staff members living in the residence halls will assist you to enjoy your living experience and be a successful student at Keene State.



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