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Randall & Monadnock Halls

Randall is a first-year residence hall that houses 387 co-ed residents in triple rooms. Each room includes tile flooring, wardrobes, movable furniture, 12 outlets (six doubles) and overhead lighting. The beds in this area can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

Monadnock, which houses 131 co-ed residents, was partially renovated during the summer of 2010. Each room includes curtains, wardrobes, desks, outlet strips with multiple outlets, overhead and wall lights. It also contains a large lobby and game area.

Residence Director
Russell Antoine x8-8997
RD Officex8-8997
Randall Desk Attendantx8-8741
RA Duty Office x8-8974
Monadnock Desk Attendantx8-8073
Randall Resident Assistants
100A Sarah Landers   
200A Amanda Gerwien   
300A Elizabeth Cote   
400A Gabriel Belluscio   
100B Jenna Foley   
200B Cassandra Horohov   
300B Krystal Bunnell   
400B Paul Mazzola   
Monadnock Resident Assistants
111 Shawn Ahern x9-8548
211 Jeremy LaPointe x9-8024
226 Kate Curtis x9-4125
311 Julie Boothroyd x9-5500
326 Brian Pember x9-3497
Residence Halls
Randall Hall
Residence Halls
Randall Hall Triple
Residence Halls
Monadnock Hall
Residence Halls
Monadnock Triple (unoccupied)


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