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The Apartments

The Apartments include the Bushnell Apartments, Tisdale Townhouses, Pondside 2 and 27 Appleton.

Bushnell is an apartment complex housing up to 77 students, predominanatly in one bedroom, two person units (though there are a limited number of three and four person options) with full baths and kitchens. Each apartment includes living room furniture and a full set of bedroom furnishings for each resident. Students who live in Bushnell are responsible for the cleaning and supplying their bathrooms.

Pondside 2 houses 120 co-ed residents - all juniors and seniors - in 4-person, carpeted apartments. Each apartment consists of four single bedrooms, a shared bathroom, living area, and a kitchen equipped with a stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator. Overhead lighting is provided in each bedroom and common area. Students who live in this area are responsible for cleaning and supplying their bathrooms.

27 Appleton is fully carpeted and houses six students in single and double rooms. Bedrooms have moveable furniture. The house also comes with a kitchen area (refrigerator and microwave but no stove) and lounge.

Please note that the beds in The Apartments can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

Apartment Supervisor
Matt Salter
Matt's Office
(in the Student Conduct Office, 260 Main Street)
Community Assistant for Bushnell Apartments
Bushnell 104 Ryan Blair   
Community Assistant for Tisdale Townhouses
Tisdale 13 Daniel DeRoehn   
Community Assistant for Pondside II & 27 Appleton
PII C 102A Cali Hebert   
Residence Halls
Pondside II
Residence Halls


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