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In his book 100 Things Every College Freshman Ought to Know* (Cambridge Stratford LTD., Willamsville, NY, 1995), William Disbro identifies many things all students should keep in mind while participating in their four (or five or six or…)years of college. This is an excellent, quick-reading book that would benefit both new and returning students. Parents and families may find it helpful as well, especially when their students call looking for advice. Here are a few of the interesting things Mr. Disbro has to say:

College [Students] Ought to Know:

  • Never misspell the instructor's name. Nothing sends a worse message to the instructor than when a student can't even spell his or her name correctly.

  • Never mix color when doing the laundry.

  • When packing for school, students should lay out everything they want to pack on the floor. Then put half of it back and it'll be about right.

  • Watch your diet. The four basic food groups are not caffeine, fried food, sugar and chocolate. In addition, late-night pizza is not calorie-free.

  • When buying textbooks it is important to know the course number and book title. Asking for "the green and blue book with lots of pictures in it for Professor Smith's class" is not enough.

*For about $15 it is well worth the price


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