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Those of us who have dedicated our professional careers to working with students who live in residence halls understand the impact residential living can have on the quality of a college experience. However, parents, students and other campus members are sometimes unaware of exactly what benefits students get from living on campus. Research shows that, compared to students living elsewhere, students living in residence halls:

  • Are more satisfied with their living environment.
  • Are more satisfied with their college experience.
  • Receive higher grades, even when differences in prior achievement are taken into account.
  • Are less likely to drop out.
  • Have more contact with faculty.
  • Have more contacts with other students and a more satisfied social life.
  • Participate more in student and recreational activities.
  • Have fewer emotional problems and greater self esteem.
  • Have higher educational aspirations.
  • Report less conflict with parents.
  • Experience greater changes in values.
  • Have greater artistic interests.

From Residence Hall Assistants In College by M. Lee Upcraft. Published by Jossey-Bass.


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