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Your student's education does not stop at the end of his or her professor's 50-minute lectures. There are many educational opportunities taking place outside of the formal academic setting. In fact, each of the residential areas on campus provides residents with a series of 12 wellness-based educational programs in both the fall and spring semester.

At the start of each semester, the Residence Directors sit down with their staff of Resident Assistants and plan a series of at least 12 co-curricular programs designed to help students to become more successful in their academic, social and post-KSC lives. Each individual staff member bases programs on feedback provided by residents from the interest inventories distributed at the start of the fall semester. This information is then combined with our knowledge of student development theory to create activities that are age and class appropriate, and hopefully fun.

For example, we know that first-year students need help developing the basic skills to allow them to be academically and socially successful during their four, or more, years in school. First-year students are provided with skill-building programs including topics such as time management, study skill, stress management, developing independence, handling homesickness, developing interpersonal relationships, and alcohol & drug use.

Sophomores are encouraged to investigate who they are and what they want to be by participating in programs on the topics of lifestyle, choosing a major, developing interdependence and managing relationships. These are designed to help them as they prepare to declare a major.

Juniors can engage in activities that support their efforts to determine who they are by exploring issues such as deciding areas of specialty in a career choice, resume building and transitioning into long-term relationships.

Seniors are presented with programs designed to help them make the transition from college life to the "real world." This includes areas such as job search strategies, financial management, living on their own, and making professional and personal commitments.

Programs are geared towards helping develop the "whole person." Students who spend their four years with us will have the opportunity to participate in a co-curricular programming model in which each succeeding year builds upon the information presented from the previous year.

Students are not limited to which programs they can attend. While we do not try to match our programs to the different "class" stages students find themselves in (depending upon where they are in their college career), they are encourages to go to any programs they are interested in. In fact, it is not uncommon to see upper-class students attending presentations aimed at younger audiences just to get a refresher.

There is also a social curriculum which parallels this educational one. These programs are designed to assist students in getting to know each other and the campus, facilitate their understanding of their role and membership in a larger community, encourage them to become invested and active community members who engage in dialogues regarding community standards, and, perhaps most importantly, to have fun.

One thing our co-curricular environment does not provide is hand holding. The staff makes an effort to present theses programs, but they cannot make students attend. Please encourage you students to make use of the opportunities available to them. The programs will not only support their classroom experience, but will enhance their personal lives as well.


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