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As stated in the "Letting You Know" article, KSC's parental notification system is utilized whenever a student's judicial status reaches the point where he or she is no longer in good standing with the College (meaning that the student has been found responsible for violating policy and had received a sanction of "disciplinary probation" or higher). When this occurs, a letter is sent home to the student's parents/guardian notifying them of this fact.

Specifically, our policy states:

"In cases where a dependent (emphasis added) student receives a sanction of Disciplinary Probation, Threat of Loss of Housing, Loss of Housing, Threat of Disciplinary Suspension, Disciplinary Suspension or Disciplinary Dismissal, the student's parent/legal guardian will be notified of the student's status, as well as nay other specific information relevant to the disciplinary action. A student's status as a dependent is governed by the requirements set fourth in section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code and will be based on the information maintained at the Student Financial Services office, if the student is receiving financial aid. In case where a student receives no aid, the student will be asked to provide information regarding his/her status to the Dispute Resolution Coordinator on his/her designee."

Parents seem genuinely pleased with this policy, and those of us responsible for implementing it feel is has been a big help to our students and staff. Not only have we experiences a lower number of incidents, we've also seen improved communication regarding judicial matters between parents, students, Residential Life, and the Dispute Resolution Office.

Since this policy first came into use, however, we've noticed something very interesting: It seems that EVERY student we've talked to regarding a judicial matter who does NOT receive financial aid is…an independent! Imagine that!

While we're sure this is true for SOME of those students, the phone calls we've received from parents certainly indicate that it's not true for ALL of those students.

Knowing that the vagaries of the IRS tax code could trip up even the most well-intentioned individual, the College has decided to make it easy for parents to let us know the dependency status of their student.

If your son or daughter does not receive financial aid and you would like to be notified if their judicial status reaches the point where he/she is no longer in good standing with the College, please send a letter indicating that your student is claimed as a dependent on your most recent federal income tax form to:

    Mark Schmidl-Gagne
    Dispute Resolution Coordinator
    229 Main Street
    Keene State College
    Keene, NH 03435-2201

Including your student's Social Security Number and the address to which you would like any correspondence sent would be helpful, though not necessary.

Though sending this letter will not allow us to retroactively send you any correspondence you may have "missed," it will ensure that you'll be kept up-to-date from this point forward.


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