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The results of our annual fall resident survey have been tabulated. We were pleased to discover that once again our on-campus students were very satisfied with life in the residence halls in 2009-2010. Here are some of the highlights of the one hundred question survey:

  • 90% of residents feel safe living in their residence hall.
  • 92% are satisfied with their on-campus housing experience.
  • 92% are satisfied with their RA's job performance.
  • 89% of residents feel that their RA promotes tolerance of others.
  • 76% are satisfied with the social/ cultural/educational programs offered in the residence halls.
  • 86% feel accepted by other students.
  • 91% felt their on-campus housing experience fulfilled their expectations.
  • 86% would recommend living in on-campus housing to new students.
  • 96% would recommend Keene State to a friend.

Residential Life shares these survey results with residents and other departments so that we can work together to develop ways to improve our delivery of service. If you'd like more information about the survey or the results, feel free to give us a call.


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