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Owls Nest & One Butler Court

A total of 434 residents live in the nine Owls Nests, with each Nest housing both male and female students. A typical Nest double room includes closets or wardrobes, movable furniture, one entrance light (desk lamps are recommended), and 5 double outlets. First floor rooms are not carpeted; second and third floor rooms are carpeted. Students who live in the suites/apartments in the Nests are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms.

One of our newest residence halls, One Butler Court hosts 216 co-ed students in six, eight and ten-person suites. Each suite contains carpeted single and double rooms, all with built-in closets and moveable furnishings. Suites also contain a kitchen area (microwave but no stove or refrigerator). Students who live in OBC are responsible for cleaning and supplying their bathrooms. A large main lobby and fully equipped kitchen provides a nice setting for students to relax in, as does the game room.

Please note that the beds in this area can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

Residence Director:
Meg Barbato x8-8992
Owls Nests & OBC RD Offices x8-8992
OBC Desk Attendant x8-7895
Owls Nests Resident Assistants
1 (212) Kerry Kupcinskas   
2 (201) Kelsey Kenney   
3 (201) Adin Sobel   
4 (212) Lindsy Avritch   
5 (201) Beth Freeman   
6 (212) Jackie Cobleigh   
7 (201) Sara Lafleur   
8 (201) Annie Keating   
9 (201) Amie Hinkley   
One Butler Court Resident Assistants
104F Gabe Belluscio   
208F Brianna Enderson   
217D Whitney Roberts   
310F Michael Eneguess   
320D Cassie Horohov   
Residence Halls
Owls Nest Apartment Building
Residence Halls
Owls Nest Double
Butler Court
One Butler Court


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