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Huntress, Fiske, 83/85 Blake Street, Bushnell & Tisdale

Fiske, located on the main quad, was completely renovated in 2007 and now houses 87 co-ed residents. Each room has a tile floor, movable furniture and outlet strips with multiple outlets, and overhead lights. There are two fireplaces in the quiet study area of main lounge, as well as a building kitchen and game area.

Huntress was completely renovated for the fall of 2009. Located on the main quad, it houses 154 co-ed residents. Each room includes tile floors, numerous electrical outlets, window shades (56" x 39.5" window), overhead lights, wardrobes, and movable furniture.

83/85 Blake Street accommodates 13 residents and is situated behind the Student Center. This house has one full bathroom, a common area space, TV and microwave. Student rooms include moveable furniture and eitjher wardrobes or closets.

Bushnell is an apartment complex housing up to 77 students, predominanatly in one bedroom, two person units (though there are a limited number of three and four person options) with full baths and kitchens. Each apartment includes living room furniture and a full set of bedroom furnishings for each resident. Students who live in Bushnell are responsible for the cleaning and supplying their bathrooms.

Information on the Tisdale Townhouses can be found here.

Residence Director
Ashley Rivard x8-8993
Fiske Staff Office x8-7893
Fiske Desk Attendant x8-7959
Huntress Desk Attendant x8-7892
Fiske Resident Assistants
123 Krystal Bunnell   
203 Casey LaBonte   
316 Jill Bower   
Huntress Resident Assistants
131 Christine Nigzus   
205 Patrick Homer   
231 Nicole Avritch   
305 Brendan Ackerman   
331 Mary Allen   
Head Resident Assistant for Tisdale & Bushnell Apartments
Tisdale 13 Alex Pacifico   
Holloway Hall
Huntress Hall
Fiske Great Hall
Fiske Great Hall
Residence Halls
83/85 Blake
Residence Halls


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