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Holloway Hall

Holloway is a first-year student building that houses 360 co-ed residents. Each triple room includes carpeted floors, window shades and drapes, moveable furniture, dressers and desks with attached shelves, built-in closets and four double outlets. Rooms are arranged suite-style, with two triples sharing a bathroom. Students who live in this area are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms. Holloway also contains a large game/meeting room, complete with a working fireplace. Please note that the beds in this area can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

Residence Director
Sage Ober x8-8996
Holloway Duty Office x8-8990
Holloway Desk Attendant x8-7743
Holloway Resident Assistants
105 East Sarah Thibaudeau   
118 South Amanda Smith   
205 East Eddie Harris   
219 South Natasha Young   
231 South Nick Clements   
305 East Jess L'Hommedieu   
319 South Micah Arends   
329 North Paige Hobbs   
Holloway Hall
Holloway Hall


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