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First Year Parliaments for 2014-2015

The First Year Parliaments (FYPs) at Keene State College provide freshmen with the opportunity to live and learn with other students that share similar interests. If you are requesting a specific roommate and a parliament, you both must request the same parliament.

All FYPs are located in Holloway Hall which consists of suites that contain two triple occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom.

All FYP students will be required to actively participate in programs and events in order to remain in the Parliaments. Specific Parliament requirements will be collaboratively developed by each FYP.

Academic Excellence
Are you someone who is hard-working and dedicated to your academics? Then this is the community for you! Join other new students who are committed to academic excellence and focusing on their educational and personal goals. Individual abilities are also strengthened by opportunities to work together to integrate and expand on knowledge gained through coursework. Supported by an RA who is equally driven, this community will challenge and enhance your academic experience through discussions, activities and programs. Priority will be given to first-year students accepted into the Honors and Nursing programs.

Appreciating the Arts
Do you enjoy going to the theatre, art galleries, concerts, dance performances, poetry readings, etc.? Perhaps you are thinking about taking classes or even declaring a major that has a focus within the performing or visual arts? If so, then this is the place for you! Supported by an RA who has similar interest or passion, students will explore diverse cultures and the manner in which they explore art and the artists that create it. This will be achieved through art, dance, theatre, literature, film and performance in everyday life.

Community Service
Do you like participating in Community Service? Are you looking to immerse yourself into life at Keene State College and to making the community a better place? If you answered yes, then the Community Service Parliament is for you! Supported by an RA with similar interests, students will work with an array of on and off campus organizations that will have an impact at KSC and in the region.

Digital Media
Would you consider yourself a digital junkie? Are you looking for ways to connect with other students and members of the community through different forms of technology? Perhaps developing and using video games, forms of social media or film making is something that you're passionate about? If you answered, yes to any of these questions, then this is the community for you. Supported by an RA with similar interests, students will examine the internet, graphic design, film and other media tools and the manner in which they bring people together in a world that is quickly becoming computer driven.

Environmental Living
Are you committed to the ideas of sustainability and living a sustainable lifestyle? Perhaps you're interested in learning more about the facets of sustainability and how it affects local foods, culture, your carbon foot print, or local water sources. If so, then join a community of like-minded students who are interested in "living green." Supported by an RA who has similar interests and goals, students will explore what sustainability means, how it impacts our daily lives, and ways to educate others about how small actions can make a large impact.

How will you leave your mark at Keene State College? Perhaps taking on a leadership position sounds interesting to you. Involvement both on and off campus is essential to making a difference within our community. Supported by an RA with similar interests, the students who call this Parliament "home" will have the ability to strengthen their leadership skills which will serve as the catalyst to creating their legacy at Keene State College.

Diversity at Keene State College is present in many different forms. Are you looking for a community where you can explore issues of social justice, equity, race, religion, sexual orientation, class, nationality and how other identities impact our society? Then Mosaic is the home for you. Supported by an RA who has a specific commitment to the concepts of equity and social justice, this community will participate in discussions, activities, and projects that will contribute to their residential experience. This community is also a "Safe Space" environment and students of varying identities are encouraged to apply.

Substance Free Living
Are you looking to live in an environment free from the effects of alcohol or other drugs? Supported by an RA who is also substance free, students who live in Substance Free housing agree to not possess or use alcohol or other illegal substances within their designated room assignment or community hallway. While it is true that alcohol and other drugs are prohibited in our other first year residence halls, it is a reality that not all first year students are as committed to living up to that expectation as we would like. If it is important for you to live in an environment that is free from the effects of alcohol and other drugs, this is the community for you. A wide variety of students choose this option and enjoy living in this unique and dynamic community. All members of this community are required to sign a community agreement promising they will not possess or consume any alcohol or other drugs within the community and that they will not return to the community while under the influence of any illegal substances. It is important to note that while a majority of students living in this Parliament request this option, there are a few individuals who might be placed in this option as a result of space availability and will be required to sign the Substance Free housing contract.

Why parliaments?

Well, it's not what you think – it's not a legislative body and you don't have to be a lord or even a privy councilor to join.

"Parliament" is also the collective noun used for a group of owls — a parliament of owls.

You're choosing — or at least thinking of choosing — to band together with like-minded Keene State Owls to enhance your living and learning experience here at KSC.

It's a great idea, because it gets you engaged with the College community the first day you set foot on campus.

Who knows what lifelong friendships and experiences you'll build here if you start right off hanging with people who think like you?

That's what a First Year Parliament is all about.


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