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The Ponds

The Ponds includes Pondside 1, Pondside 2, Pondside 3, 27 Appleton and 361 Main.

Pondside 1 houses 168 co-ed residents in two-bedroom suites. Each bedroom houses three students. Rooms are carpeted and include moveable furniture and built-in closets. Students who live in P1 are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms. A large meeting room contains a cozy fireplace for those long winter nights!

Pondside 2 houses 120 co-ed residents - all juniors and seniors - in 4-person, carpeted apartments. Each apartment consists of four single bedrooms, a shared bathroom, living area, and a kitchen equipped with a stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator. Overhead lighting is provided in each bedroom and common area. Students who live in this area are responsible for cleaning and supplying their bathrooms.

Pondside 3 houses 154 co-ed residents in four, five, six, eight and ten-person suites. All suites are carpeted and contain either singles or doubles, and each bedroom has movable furniture and built-in closets. Suites also contain a kitchen area (microwave but no stove or refrigerator). Home to our Learning Community programs, P3 has a large meeting and game rooms, as well as a full kitchen and oversized café area. Students who live in this area are responsible for the cleaning and supplying their bathrooms.

27 Appleton is fully carpeted and houses six students in single and double rooms. Bedrooms have moveable furniture. The house also comes with a kitchen area (refrigerator and microwave but no stove) and lounge.

361 Main is our newest, fully renovated mini-house, accommodating 13 female residents. Located one block south of Keddy on the west side of Main Street, this house has two full sets of bathroom accommodations, common area space and a kitchenette. Student rooms include movable furniture and wardrobes (some have built-in closets).

Please note that the beds in The Ponds can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

The Ponds Residence Director
Courtney Fisk x8-8991
Pondside 1 Desk Attendant x8-8171
Pondside 3 Desk Attendant x8-7939
Resident Assistants for Pondside 1
Pondside 1 101 Elizabeth Rosenberg   
Pondside 1 212 Mason Prata   
Pondside 1 213 Nicole Carrobis   
Pondside 1 312 Natasha Young   
Pondside 1 313 David Draper   
Head Resident Assistant for Pondside 2 & 27 Appleton
P2 A-102A Cali Hebert   
Resident Assistants for Pondside 3 & 361 Main
Pondside 3 120A Justin Smith   
Pondside 3 206A & 361 Main Hannah Blanchette   
Pondside 3 213A Jessica Pierre   
Pondside 3 306A Melissa Adam   
Pondside 3 313A Chelsea Harris   
Residence Halls
Pondside 3
Residence Halls
Pondside 2
Residence Halls
Pondside 1
Residence Halls
Pondside 1 Room


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