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Carle Hall

Carle is a first-year hall that houses 374 co-ed residents. Each room has tile flooring, built-in closets & desks, desk chairs, dressers, beds, four outlets (one double, two single) and lighting (desk, wall, and mirror). The beds in this area can be bunked, and we do have bedrails available for both the bunk and loft beds upon request.

Residence Director
Jen Napiorski x8-8998
Carle Desk Attendant x8-7590
Resident Assistants
112A Riley Howe   
213A Marta Morris   
313A Rachel Diorio   
213B Emily Montano   
313B Kenny Ballou   
413B Mackenzie Morse   
213C Nathan Brown   
313C Alyssa Bonin   
413C Mackenzie Correll   
109D Megan Bradley   
213D Beth Cote   
313D Casey Kimball   
Carle Hall
Carle Hall
Carle Hall
Carle Hall – Double (Occupied)


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