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Living on Campus!

The Residential Life Staff invites you to explore everything that living on campus has to offer! In order to ease your transition to college - and increase your chances for success - Keene State College requires all first and second year students to live on campus. This approach supports significant research indicating that first-year and sophomore students who live on campus are more likely to be successful academically, socially and developmentally. The same research indicates that after the second year, the positive influence of life on campus has left its mark, and most students choose to live off-campus for their junior and senior years, though some do live in our limited number of on-campus apartments.

All of our first year students participate in a specially designed residential program called the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE). FYRE focuses on transitioning to college life, time management, study skills and how to find the resources needed to succeed here at Keene State College and beyond. Second year students have a program of their own called the Second Year Residential Experience (SYRE). This program focuses on the specific needs of second year students which include more transitional issues, career support, leadership skill development and community service.

Each of the aforementioned programs is supported by professional residential life and housing staff who have been trained to both assist students individually and to develop communities where safety, respect for others, and positive living/learning environments are the top priorities (for further information be sure to check out our Mission & Philosophy statements). Being a residential college, Keene State emphasizes the educational value of living with people who may be different from one another. This includes a commitment to respecting diversity in others and being able to expect the same in return.

Without a doubt, living in a residence hall will provide you with the best opportunity to take advantage of the campus environment to its fullest extent. We're sure you'll find that with our many living options there's something for everyone - especially since at no other time in your life will you have the chance to live with and learn from such a diverse group of your peers!

2014 Fall Closing

Halls close Saturday, December 13, at noon

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Meal Plans

Are handled directly through the Owl Card Office in the Dining Commons

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